Monday, August 17, 2009

I Need A Favor..., not this kind, but aren't they cute? I need you all to do something for me.

I'm going on a job interview this Wednesday. And, they've asked me to bring three writing samples. I have various examples of my projects and former writing pieces for show and tell,but I want to take three from my blog to leave for their consideration.

I'm hoping you all will help me decide. Would you be willing to consider which three I should take? And, if you could tell me why you liked them so much, that would be great.

Meantime, I'll be processing some very unsettling dreams I had last night. And, I may want to talk about them more but later on. Right now, I'm just shaking me head about them.

Anxiety about this job interview perhaps? Perhaps. But, most definitely there's a disturbance in the force.

So, thanks in advance for helping me out...and I'll look forward to your input as we get ready for my interview later this week!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Hopeful


Eileen said...

Holly ... I had to write right away to say how excited I am for you for another opportunity to show yourself off ... and the universe just may have placed you in the right place at the right time. I'll ponder your request and get back to you ... geez, there are so many that I have loved. Would you prefer them to be a variety of serious and humorous or all serious?

cinner said...

Thats exciting for you Holly, I will have you in my prayers, I am going to go back to your site and leave another comment. Good luck.

cinner said...

My favorite was Monday August 10, it was sad, funny and heartwarming!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hi Holly,

Three standouts for me are:
The Gift of Grief
Fabulous Red
What Summer Tastes Like

For me The Gift of Grief has been one of your most powerful pieces.

Best of everything for you on this upcoming interview. I bet you knock their socks off!!!! :)

Alison said...

Yes, the Gift of Grief springs to mind. But you write so well that any selection would be fine I think. From Alison - she of the velevty red wine which slips down easily! Lol.

Kyddryn said...



It's like trying to find one's favorite grains of sand on a beautiful beach!

Right, then:

The Gift of Grief - it's beautiful, powerful, well presented, and speaks to a common human experience with a singular viewpoint.

Fiona and the Yellow Jackets - it's warm, endearing, well written, and offers an opportunity for thought, introspection...and it's got Fiona in it!

Fabulous Red - shows personality, strength of character, the ability to stick to your guns when questioned, and shows off your tasteful, marvelous kitchen (and I'm not even keen on the color red!).

Wishing you Fortuna's blessings, Mizz Holly!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Kavindra said...

First of all ...
Good Luck! If it's writing job, sweetie, you're a shoo in.

My choice?
I Am Conflicted.

Why? Because it is one that I read a while ago, didn't agree with 100%, but got me thinking, so much so, that I still am referring back to it mentally here by myself.

Also because I thought you might like to use one that isn't too personal.

If I had to choose one that was funny and poignant ~ something you do well, I would choose the recent one on online dating.

And The Moments, for sheer beauty and insight and generosity.

beth said...

YIKES....I can't do that for you anymore than I can do ti for me....

I have just been asked to donate a framed or canvased photo of mine, for the huge habitat for humanity fundraiser this fall and they told me that I could choose the print...

YIKES....I was thinking the same thing that you just did and putting that out there for my readers to help me decide....

this is soooo hard !

I think our guts have to do the decision making this time, maybe ?!?!

Suzie said...

Holly, besides providing singular, printed pieces, is there any way, perhaps on your resume, where you could add the link to your blog?

Everyone is sharing their favorite posts, all of which are meaningful in themselves,but I think that if they see your blog as a whole, they will get a more complete, wonderful picture of who you are. Your blog sings volumes!

It will also show them that you are savvy to the more modern methods, and aren't afraid to venture into cyberspace.

We will all be sending tons of good energy your way! Please let us know your perceptions, and if you think that they are worthy of you!


Joanna Jenkins said...

How exciting for you! You know I'm sending good wishes for your interview.

My fave posts... The first one that immediately came to min,d was the poem you wrote about Evan being homesick after his recent visit home- Would you trade it 7/13. It made my heart ache and I think you captured the feelings perfectly.

Then I thought of the one you wrote about visiting your Aunt at the nursing home-- Life is what you make it 6/29. It was beautifully written and says a lot about who you are.

And I really liked We the people 7/3. Again wonderfully written but it also ask the reader a lot of questions to think about.

And of course The Gift of Grief is an all time great-- Truly world-class writing.

Not sure if you post on blind dating is appropriate for a job interview, but I still laugh my head off when I read it.

Go for it Snarky Sister. I'm cheering you on from the West Coast and anxious to hear more about it!!!


Toni said...

what kind of job? what kind of company? I don't know how to hone in on your blog posts without knowing how formal these people are, or what kind of position ... cuz if it's serious professional then I'd leave the blog posts alone and deliver serious professional pieces only.

Life With Dogs said...

I'd include the following in the mix considering the relevance. Can you really only go with three?

Marisa @ Getting Back To Basics said...

Good luck with your for which stories you should take, you could choose any of them and you wouldn't go wrong...choose the ones you feel the most in your heart...they will be the right ones.

Sara said...

Best wishes for your interview.

My choices, though I am sure just about anything you write would be a great choice, are...

The Gift of Grief (July 23), Life is What You Make It (June 29) and Bully or Teacher? (May 8).


Marlene said...

Well..I am a fairly new follower..I found your post
"A Gift Of Grief" after visting
another blog..and was amazed at your ability to communicate your feelings into words..You do have a gift..a healing gift with words.
My 3 I would choose if this job has to do with writing ( which I am sure it does)
1. Gift of Grief
2. Here's to the Moments
3. A Different Sort of Prayer
Good luck with the interview!

Alison said...

And after further reflection - Online Dating, and The Moments. All the best for the interview. x

Sarah said...

Hmmmmm...I loved the piece you did on Grief - that was wonderful and beautifully said. I also loved the piece you did on the yellow showed who you are and your sense of humor and empathy. If it were up to me - I would choose those two.
I am so excited for you - I have a love hate relationship with interviews. I do them well - but they give me massive butterflies!! Good luck hon - can't wait to hear more!!! Love, Sarah

Eileen said...

Well, there could be many more on this list, but since you said, "Three", here you go:

Thursday, Jan. 29th (guess whose b-day?) "As Good As Expected";
Thursday, Jan. 22nd "Blink of An Eye"; and July 23rd (what a coincidence, my Mom's b-day)"The Gift of Grief"

sema said...

Hi holly,
This is wonderful news and good luck to you.
All your posts are great and each one delivers new and different perspectives .I agree with Marisa-
choose the ones you feel the most in your heart...they will be the right ones.
blessings for abundance

anne h said...

Only 3?
I agree with the others
And good job on the 14 lbs down!
You rock! Break a leg, eh?

clairedulalune said...

Holly, best of luck with your job interview! I liked Fiona and the yellow jackets recently, but I couldnt possibly choose, you know best! Go for it!

Ribbon said...

All the best wishes Holly for your interview.
Just recently I commented on a post saying that it was one of my favourites...
I'll go look for its title and let you know.

xx Ribbon

Ribbon said...

found it... "here's to the moments"

Ribbon said...

ps.. you know what Holly... you could pretty much pick anything

x Ribbon :)

Janet said...

too much greatness to choose from! I particularly liked "We the People" from July 3 (Go Air Force!), and "The Gift of Grief" from July 23. Powerful stuff.

My name is PJ. said...

Let's start with the truth: What you ask is impossible because you set limits - and your writing talent can not be quantified to "3 good examples".

Therefore, I offer you my list of 3 (of the many) works I enjoy and the reasons why:

'Fabulous Red' - fun, descriptive, and I was there.

'Fiona + The Yellow Jackets' - a whole nother side of you; successfully evoking concern.

'A Weather Eye' - insightful and interesting; the warp and weft of words weave wonders.(note the mad alliterative skill? yeah. i didn't set out to do that, it happened organically because what it says is true.)

You could choose just about anything you've written, Holly. These three show three different sides of you.

Tim King said...

Hi, Holly. I haven't been following your blog long enough yet to feel right about giving suggestions for your best posts. But I wish you the best in your job interview.

Regarding your dreams: Based on my research into the subject, your dreams could very well be caused by your feelings and expectations regarding your upcoming job interview. I believe dreams reflect what we expect to feel about what we experienced or thought about during the day. But the details in our dreams are only metaphors that invoke those feelings. That's why they can be crazy on the surface, but underneath, they merely reflect our fears and desires. They're the mind's way of dealing with unresolved emotions and finding internal closure for them.

My guess is that you'll know Thursday morning whether or not the dreams are related to the interview, because if they are, they'll change, because the interview will have already happened.


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