Thursday, August 27, 2009


As part of my exploration of The Artist's Way, I have to commit to these things called Artist's Dates. That's a time for me to go hold hands with me. Doing something that I've always been interested in seeing or doing, but never made time to do.

It's also an opportunity to learn to say, "Yes," to experiences instead of the more predictable, "No thanks, I'll pass," that seems to fall out of our mouths more frequently. A chance to step out of a comfort zone or our predictable boxes.

Let loose with things and just have an experience. So, I did it. Yep. I went golfing! You heard me, golfing. Well, not on a golf course of any import. I didn't show up at Arnold Palmer's stomping ground, Latrobe Country Club and announce the arrival of The Queen. I could have, as it's just up the road. But, I thought I'd better start small.

So, on a delightful, as they call them, Executive Par Three course I walked the links and did 18 holes! You heard me...18. I am too much.

Now, if you know anything about golf, and I really don't, you know that the Par Three means you're in the hole from the tee in three swings. HA HA HA HA HA!!! Yeah. That didn't happen.
Not once. But I am proud to admit that on two of the 18 holes, I did it in FOUR! Yes sir, Tiger watch your back. The rest of the holes? Well, let's not go there.

Still, for my very first time, I am feeling all smug and self-righteous. I am the least athletic person I know. I decided to take my camera along because we all know that golf courses tend to be beautiful pieces of property. I figured, if I hated the golfing part, I'd just take pictures.

So, I stopped to watch the blue sky reflected in the water of the stream...

And, I thought about the fact that I had to cross this bridge to get where I was going. And, wonder how to get a ball all the way across this vast divide.

The sky was so clear and blue which seemed to celebrate one of the very last days of Summer in the Laurel Highlands.

And, I had to stop for quite awhile and sit with this fallen sentinel. This massive oak that had come down recently. I couldn't help but wonder how much noise that must have made when it toppled.

For the time being, it's now a hazard on the course. The tee smelled of new wood and the forest. The warm air brought out the fragrance so very clearly.

And, I'm happy to say that I was able to hit my golf ball over the hazard! Cleared it, baby! No small feat considering I never once got any of my shots up off the ground very far. They seemed to hug that earth like a bur!

I closely considered all the various shades of green more than I did any of the swings I took. And, lost count of how many I saw. But, loved every second of this new experience.

I'm not sure I'll take up golf as a hobby. It's quite stressful. And, I learned quickly that I still have quite the Potty Mouth. Not like I needed a new experience to confirm that.
And, knowing how much I love irony in life, I just had to throw in this last picture. This is a prime example of a Marketing person being very opportunistic. Very. Trust me, I'm fairly certain that more than one golfer has had to go to rehab due to this sport, game, or whatever you want to call it. Truth in advertising for sure in this case!

But, don't be surprised if you hear me say that I'm going again.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Tiger's Competition In Her Own Mind


Kavindra said...

Wonderful! I've wanted to try golf too. Alot of very angry people with potty mouths seem to take to it, so I figured I'd be a natural ;)

I can only imagine the reaction of the serious golfers behind you, as you take out your camera and record the poetry of sky in ponds and fallen trees, sigh and look at the clouds, then putter a bit with your golf ball after smelling the tee. I would so love to be there to watch them watching you.

Next time you go, I hope you wear your crown. That's the only way I can imagine you making yourself even more delightful to see on the golf course.

anne h said...

Rehab indeed!
You are all that, Holly.
Just right.

cinner said...

Good for you holly going out and trying something different. thaat is awesome and so many times we hold ourselves back. being our own worst eneenies.

Sunny said...

Good for you! I recently tried golfing again after many years. I discovered that I am best suited for driving the cart!
Sunny :)

The Weight of Me said...

I am sooooo proud of you!!! Artist Dates are a real lesson in how much we are willing to do for others but not, so much, ourselves ... how bad/much was your initial resistance? My artist dates are what led me to pedicures (oh lawd), and once I climbed an indoor rock wall (to the TOP babee!), and to 2 hours spent on a neighbor's screened-in trampoline, sans audience, in an attempt to connect to the fearless gymnast I once was ... I cannot WAIT to see where you and you go next! And take the camera, cuz your photos were spot on gorgeous ... that tree alone was worth the date time!

Diva Kreszl said...

you are amazing!

Sarah said...

Whooo hooo Holly...I looooove to golf!! Wish I could more often. When I was younger I did a little competing - very little..but I was good. But life happened and somehow it got lost along the way..I do have a wicked drive though!!! We will have to golf together girl - what a hoot that would be!!! I think we might need a par ten they make those?? Love ya, Sarah

Breeze said...

I've always had a complete aversion to golfe and thought it the silliest past time in the world. Then one day after days of being mommy and no break from teh kids I was driving by, bickering kids in the back and watched a lone golfer walking along in the distance on the course and suddenly I understood! It's peace and meditation! The balls and the clubs and holes are just peripheral to the green and sunshine and alone-ness of it all!

I'm taking lessons someday..there's a nine hole course down the road.

Love the pics

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holly the Queen of Golf. I am VERY impressed! The ONLY way I'd have gotten a ball OVER the tree hazard was if I got really, really lucky with my pitching wedge!

I love that you tried it, took pictures along the way, played 18 holes (!!!) and are thinking of doing it again.

This was a GREAT!

clairedulalune said...

i played golf a few times with my dad when i was younger, i hope to do it again soon. By the way, congratulations on your shout out on David's post of the day!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Watch out, Tiger Woods! THE TIGRESS has arrived!

beth said...

I'm a par three lover myself !

regular courses are NOT for me !

I have played off and on for years as my hubby is an amazing golfer, since the age of 8 and for some reason he enjoys having me play along with him....I can't play with way....I watch him and then I barely move my ball along and eventually pick it up and wait to start again on the next hole...

but togetherness is a good thing, right ?

I'm so glad you did this....and I know you will go back for more !

Alix said...

Couple thangs...

Yes, you are too much. We have a quorum on that.

A bogey is an honorable thing. Two is downright brilliant.

Didn't you know that if a tree falls in the forest and there's no one there to hear, it doesn't make a sound?

Potty mouths rule.

I love you.

Budrow Wilson Spain said...

This is a great idea! Try something new that you have never done before. When I was a very young girl I loved exploring new things and looked forward to the adventures. It seems I have lost that little girl somewhere along the way. This sounds like a good way to get back in touch with her. Now I wont try golf again as I too found it way too stressful, but the next invitation I get I will think of your advise and say yes instead of the instant no that usually comes out of my mouth.

I have been trying to ride myself of my own potty mouth for years with no luck! It seems that the older I get the worse my mouth gets. When you figure out a good way to control your PLEASE let me know! My only salvation is that I do not have any kids to pass it on to! said...

Way to go Holly! I love LOVE the photo of that massive tree!

Linda said...

Fallen sentinel- awesome!

Nina P. said...

Golf... hm.. something I've never tried, something about hitting then finding the hit ball to hit it again, well... I'm afreaid... very afraid.... :-) Smiles... I'd either hit a bird or dig ruts in the prestine greens... :-D Thanks for sharing your expierience... And maybe if I do go, I'll have to do the camera thing as well... You are a brave and dedicated soul, Love and Light, Nina P.

The Fragrant Muse said...

Now see, I wouldn't have considered this an artists date, but you SO colored outside the lines. Good for you!

I agree with Kavindra, the other goofers must have been going batty with you getting all mystical on the goof course. If they would lighten up and follow your example, there wouldn't be a need for goof rehab!

Ana said...

Sounds like a delightful experience, both with your whack at golf and the stop overs of nature you encountered. I tend to walk randomly into golf courses, without realising its a golf course half the time. The joys of wandering. So glad you had a wonderful time, and gave this experience a go. That's always so enjoyable. :)

Barbara said...

Holly, What a beautiful day you had! I think golf courses are like baseball parks, so pastoral and serene. Not the golf, mind you. It makes me crazy. But that's only because I'm so bad at it. I can appreciate golf, from a distance. But I admire your going there and doing it! Nice pictures, too. I love the one of the sky in the water.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Never hit a little white ball around. But you sure made it sound like a wonderful event.

Coffee is on.

Hybrid J said...

What a creative way to have an Artist Date! ;) I would never associate golfing with artist but there you are --> an artist of life! Great post!

Mike said...

Sounds like you had fun! Don't worry, I won't ask how long the 18 holes took ;)

miss*R said...

sometimes you make me laugh out loud with your writing style!
love that you are jumping right into the AW with gusto! so glad you are part of our group xo

ps - I saw you over at Mel's by the way ;) -

Bella Sinclair said...

Dear Holly,

Golf! Well, I am impressed. I always thought it was an unnatural sport. The body just wasn't meant to twist that way, and any sport where people scrutinize your form turns me into a Nervous Nellie. So I have to hand it to you. Yes, I am giving you an honest, sincere golf clap!

My husband loved golf. He wanted me to learn, but I refused. I wish I had spent more time riding around in the cart with him, though.

Thank you so much for your beautiful message earlier this summer. It was so heartfelt and honest and warm. It gave me comfort and helped me heal. Yes, love remains constant. Thank you.


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