Monday, June 15, 2009

A Visit's Outcome

When you have waited and waited to see people you love arrive at your home for a visit, you feel as if you'll pop when you get to wrap your arms around them and say, "I'm so happy you're here!!!"

There is the anticipation of what will be moments filled with new sites and introductions. But, there are the even better moments of re-connecting, catching-up, making the ties that bind even stronger and thicker. And, the integration of new spirits to the group who make it even more complex, fascinating, and loving.

Then you realize a part of a visit that can be most unexpectedly appealing is the mundane seeing someone you love at your kitchen sink cleaning up and making sure that things run smoothly. Feeling so comfortable in your space that they pitch right in and make themselves at home...

A brief visit where you have the opportunity to capture more images that stay as bright flickers of memories...of being close and being in love...and that distance, time, geography don't change that. But, oh how wonderful to stand close and feel them next to your skin. Within easy reach of a hug and a kiss.

With lots of opportunity nestled in for quiet moments...a chance to bond a bit. Learn new roles such as, "Grand Pa," or "Great Aunt"...

And, most particularly, the great joys of being a first time Grand Mother...or as I call her, Grammy seems to fit as we've always called her LAM...because her initials really do say it all...Linda is a lamb.

Play time carved out...even the guys got in the act and enjoyed Livy Time! And, being so proud of my wild Highlanders who were as gentle as could be with such a little girl with flying fists and grabby fingers....fingers that clutched a handful of Scottie beard quite tightly...but only for the briefest of moments. Aroo!

Time to sit, relax, enjoy a June afternoon, catch up...say what's what. Actually nothing so extraordinary. Or perhaps it is extraordinary in its ordinariness..because it was with all of us together.

But mostly, it was about huge amounts of moments spent this hysterics over the things that only a brother and sister can find so flippin' funny. While everyone else around smiles and shakes their heads saying, "I don't get it, but okay..."

And, at its conclusion, when it's all too quickly time to say, "Drive safe and I'll see you soon, okay? I loved having you here. Please, please come again," you have memories like this to keep the time in between manageable. When you're really missing everyone, you can sit and recall those moments shared. To remember that it's all about La Familia and the small bits that build a lifetime.

I had a wonderful time. In its everyday, mundane was, well, everything. I love my life. I wish you moments when you feel the very same.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka (from l to r,) New Guy, aka Aunt Hol, aka Great Aunt Holly, aka Sister, aka Sweet Pea


Eileen said...

Oh, Holly, what a wonderful, perfect time you all had together! I know it's been a long time in coming and there were moments you thought it would never be ... but look how good it was ... the wait was more than worth it! Now that they all take home those precious memories and had such a good time making them, there are sure to be more of these family weekends ... and sooner rather than later! Everyone looks fabulous! And your home could not be more inviting! Love you lots!!!

Anonymous said...

That is one wonderful looking bunch! You are so blessed! I no longer have a relationship with my brother, so seeing you with yours was particularly heart-warming to me. And who wouldn't want to be in that kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and photos. It's heartwarming to read and to see.

Yeah, sometimes the simplest and most unexpected things...

I must admit, also, that I'm shamelessly soliciting visitors to my blog today, too, because I have posted a similarly (proud parent moment) happy blurb and photo.


cinner said...

Holly, looks like it was wonderful! I swear I can hear you laughing all the way up here in Canada. And girl that kitchen is to die for. Moments like those are a blessing my friend. Take care, cinner

spottedwolf said...

The one thing suzanne loves more than all included :-p :-)
is family, Holly. She has more pictures than I can count from a lifetime of memories. I live with nothing less than an earth-mother-goddess to be sure. Her love of children is second to none and many are the remarks of had we found each other sooner we'd of spawned a herd!

You remark on the candor I show from posting stories of my personal past,time to time, saying how important they are. I have long agreed that the only way to teach is from experience...whether that experience shocks and doesn't seem relevant or not.

As an image of love and family values I hold you in mind in perfect parallel with my partner. It is always a pleasure to read your stories.

Life With Dogs said...

What a joy to see a long overdue gathering unfold. I'm guessing you enjoyed it. ;)

As time becomes a commodity of increased value in all of our lives, a reminder to keep what is important in perspective is a message we should all be listening to.

beth said...

first of all....those red walls are SO you and beautiful !

second...what an amazing just oozed out of you and everyone else in all those photos !

and yes yes the the ordinary...because in the end, that's always the best and what we remember the most anyhow !!

Sara said...

Oh what a wonderful visit you all must have had. There is nothing better than reconnecting with loved ones (and getting to know new people to love). The energy and everything that is there, in those moments, is very special.

PS... your kitchen is lovely. Our cabinets are very similar. :)

Toni said...

awesome. I was thinking about you this weekend, hanging with the family ... that photo of you cracking up? PRICELESS!!!! [P.S. I think everyone must be like me, in awe of and wanting to sleep in your gorgeous kitchen -- so they settle for doing the dishes!]

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Holly-- You made my day so much better with this post! It's been a crazy around here lately and I started crying at "you'll pop when you get to wrap your arms around them and say, "I'm so happy you're here!!!" I know just how you feel.

I am so homesick but, In two days, I'm flying to Ohio to see my family and I can't wait to just be with them, hug them, and hang out in the kitchen and laugh at our "inside jokes".

It's sounds like you had a perfect, memory-filled visit with loved ones. xo

PS I LOVE your red kitchen!

Laura said...

What a wonderful rendition of our weekend together - I want to come back now! We did have such a fabulous time! Thanks for having us. I love you.

Wildly Cam said...

I'm with Toni, Holly...

I just adore that picture of you totally cracking up!

And, I'm with Beth, also...

I love those red walls, and your cabinets...actually the whole house is just so suh-weet, Holly. You got quite an eye for decorating there, lady!

I am so thankful that you had this time with the ones you love. Here's to many returns!!

Hybrid J said...

How I envy and enjoy your family gathering! :) Unfortunately, my family lives overseas and I'm all by myself in Australia, so seeing other people having a good time with their families gave me great comfort! Thanks for sharing. :D

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