Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How You See Me

I'm not certain what it is about these brightly fanciful tags. For me, the colors for sure and the creativity that goes into making them. I think they're fascinating to see along the perimeter of so many blogs. Lately I've been gifted by a few. All are wonderful. I'm grateful.

This one, the Burning Bright Award, has been forwarded to me by Sarah of Cottage Garden Studio: "Holly- Because she illuminates everyone around her." I can't say that I feel I do that most days...but I do attempt to lighten our lives with things to consider and ways to set us free from the traps that hold our bright spirits down.

The award was created by a blogger named Jenn of Barefoot In The Sand. And, I don't know her that well, although I have visited her blog for a lurky a time or two. I love what she has to say about why she created this award: "You can never extinguish the Light that Shines brightly within all of us. If there is Hope, there is Light, if there is a Dream, that same Light will lead the way, and this Award I created this evening reflects that Creative Spark, that Light we all hold within us, but there are certain people who come to mind that Shine So Brightly that you can't help notice the Warmth that illuminates in all they do, and in what they represent and just who they are."

Beautiful, isn't it? So, I couldn't think of two more creative sparks who make my world better because of what their creative efforts do for the quality of my day. I am sending this along to:

Toni, Seaweed And Gardenias
: Because her creative spark ignites my desire to create. And, because of the generosity of spirit that she so freely shares with every other creative person she encounters.

Beth, Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Taken: Because most days her images make my eyes go soft and I turn inward for a moment of contemplation and joy. But, because I am a writer, and find it all the more rare that someone who has such a great creative eye, can also write words that thrill me. There may be better writers; perhaps better shooters...but I doubt that any of them can share their hearts, spirit, and smiles the way that Beth does.

Okay, so now onto someone else who sent something fun! Doesn't this photo simply make you smile? Especially at this time of year when the delights of a carnelian watermelon oozing its sweet goodness seems so tantalizingly close? I'm to use this as a prompt to tell you six things that I think are sweet and in random order-
* Livy
* Michael and thanks to him, my children, Evan & Melissa
* Laura
* My gardens & home
* My Scotties, Rory & Fiona
* My Life IS Really, Really Sweet

This delight is thanks to Mel of From Clutter To Shine. I love visiting her blog where I am likely to encounter a wide variety of musings on things that I would not know otherwise- like the benefits and life decisions of home schooling your children. And, the differences in educational philosophy that need to be considered these days.

Or, how about the notion of Free Range Children? Now, that's an attention catcher, no?

So why me? I'm honored to hear: "Well, what can I say about Holly that hasn't already been said? She is, truly, Queen of the Universe and my ever-loving Crone...Not a day goes by that she doesn't challenge my grey matter and prompt me to search the corners for the Shadows lurking there..." Mel, if I am able to do and be that for you, then I consider my efforts more than worth it. Thank you.

And, finally, while I am old enough to be a card carrying member of The Red Hat Society or a life time member of the Silly Handshake Association, I'm not much of a joiner. Never have been. I think I was a Brownie once; for a day; maybe a week. Get my point?

But, every once in awhile, I'm struck by the premise that a certain group stands for, and hopes for others. To that end, Mel, has created a new badge: The Sisterhood of The Purple Bicycle. Now, I know you think I joined because of the color...not true. Although, I can't think of another color that is better suited. And, I know you'd like me to award it to you, but I can't do that. The Sisterhood can't be awarded. Nope. You have to decide to be part of it for yourself. You have to want it and make it happen.

"It occurs to me," explains Mel, "That we are all on a similar sort of journey. Naturally, what we do and where we go and how we choose to get there is different, but in essence, our destination looks much the same. We are reclaiming, we are celebrating, we are rediscovering. We chafe against our boundaries, we are challenging our restrictions - some self-imposed, some societal, we seek to take back what was lost or taken from us along the way. We explore with our words, with our art, with our spiritual path - we take on 'challenges' and projects to stretch and push ourselves further toward that destination. And we share it all with each other. The triumphs, the doubts, the disappointments, the memories, the revelations and the Joy. We gather the bones and, together, are singing them to life in a glorious song of celebration.

"And because of this, I think we should be shouting it from the highest rooftops, yodelling from the loftiest peaks that we, in all our strivings, in all our efforts to define and re-define Who We Are - are part of a bigger picture, we are all interconnected; a community of women whose spirits may have been battered and bruised, but are intact and gaining strength with every step. We are still casting about in the Shadows, unearthing and bringing to Light long-forgotten things, but we take strength from each other as we move forward, as beautiful works-in-progress. I, for one, feel Blessed to be journeying alongside you all; to be hacking my way through the forest, knowing that somewhere, just off to my left and right and slightly ahead or behind, is another warrior soul doing the same."

Now, this I can be a member of...this I am happy to share that I belong and I invite you to do the same. Become part of the sisterhood of women who want more, bigger, better, from their lives and are not afraid of the effort and energy it takes to manifest it. Magick is hard work, but so worth it.

Don't you agree?

So, Mel, thanks for this one. It's there with pride. And, I hope more will join as it goes forward to spread its joy and support among all of us who want to be more than we are today. Sisters of A Better Way...

Namaste' Till Next Time,



Peaches said...

Holly, you are a shinning candle for me.

“ Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” ~Buddha

beth said...

wow...am I blessed or what ?
what you wrote about me...I had to grab my heart for a minute and hold back tears filled with love !

you, little miss queen, are an amazing person and just made this vulnerable girl sitting in wisconsin who's still feeling raw from yesterday, feel like a queen herself...

thank you thank you thank you.....xoxoxo

Toni said...

Holly ... rock it, My Wondrous Queen! and the way you speak your thanks ... oofda. I'm with Beth, what you said about her -- I feel it exactly like that. Sometimes I can't comment for days after I read one of her posts and see the photos ... anyway, you are most deserving. Thank you for awarding ME, geez ... I love you so! And Mel -- her name is becoming more and more prevalent thru you and Sam and a couple others, I just have NOT had time to go really MEET her on her blog but now i want to. Certainly I want to be in the purple bicycle sisterhood, the way she worded it ... wowza!

Sarah said...

Yes I agree - you Rock Queen Holly!!! You are the essence of this award, how could I not give it to you my dear!!! I love the idea of the Purple bike! I think I will check it out! Hope you have a wonderful day hon!
Blessings and hugs, Sarah

cinner said...

Holly, you are simply awesome...Beth and Toni are so deserving of the awards as of course yourself...You make me think and thats what I love about you. A big hug for brightening my day and I want to be part of the purple bicycle sisterhood. I have to check out her site. take care, cinner

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holly, my Snarky Sister, you deserve all these awards and MORE. You're the best! xo

Anonymous said...

I've only recently started following your blog, and already I can tell you deserve these awards. Awards are good...they validate the ideas of thought, creativity, and expression.

Anonymous said...

About the picture of the watermelons...(just a quick story) after having watermelon one day lately, my daughter took the seeds and scattered them in our vegetable garden spot. She didn't think they would grow, but secretly hoped they would. Now, a couple of weeks later, watermelon plants are springing up everywhere, all across my nice, neat rows of vegetables! No complaints from me...at least we will have plenty of watermelons this summer.

Life With Dogs said...

I think you are quickly approaching most awarded status, which is wholly appropriate. Queen indeed!

joyce said...

You do always post things for us to consider....I read your post last, I don't want other posts to wash your thought provoking posts away, plus, yours is so long I usually have to wait till I have more time!

Wildly Cam said...

Love & Light, that is exactly how I would describe you, friend!

This award is so appropriate! My first visit, I fell in love with Your Mother Knows and the creative genius that lovingly gave it life. I've been coming back for more ever since...

I am glad to be part of the sisterhood with you! When do we get our purple bicycles?

But, seriously...I been thinking about getting some purple paint for the vintage beach cruiser, and just going to town with it!

Love you, Queen Mother!

Hybrid J said...

What more could I say ... You Rock Holly, Queen of Universe! :)

Ribbon said...

Yahoo Holly... I'm delighted to be here as once again I haven't been able to visit whenever I've wanted to. Often I get to read a bit of a post, but it won't let me comment before shutting down.

Anyway... a big congratulations to you on your beautiful awards and for sharing them.
You are a bit of a star here in blogland :-) & much loved.

best wishes
Ribbon x

Samantha said...

Congratulations on your lovely awards, Holly. You do truly deserve them.

Bright Blessings. xx

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Excellent, thought provoking post Holly. Love it. You inspire!

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