Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stolen Moments of Love

We all went out to dinner last night. It was wonderful to be at the dinner table with my family. Just wonderful. For a five month old, Olivia did just fabulously. It's her first road trip and first time in a fine dining environment. The other diners at nearby tables watched. Their eyes softened and slight smiles crept to lips, unknowing. I'm sure in memory of wonderful little spirits in their lives, present or past.

Five months is still quite young, so as you might expect, Livy got fussy and she is too young to be reasoned out of it! Fussy, just as Mom's dinner got to the table. Of course. Laura made a great effort trying to eat with one hand while keeping the baby entertained. But after a time, even that lost its allure.

So, Grammy LAMmy took a turn with her, and then migrated outside for a change of scenery. Back to the table in a few minutes, we got a chance to eat our meals...but only for a short while. It was very close to what would be bedtime for this little girl...and well...a girl needs her beauty sleep.

I had finished my meal while watching all of this. And, loving it. So I got up and said, "Here give her to eat your dinner..." and Livy and I stepped out of the restaurant into a beautiful June evening onto a tree lined quiet street.

We strolled slowly up the road, past the shops closed for the day, the setting sun resting on our shoulders. It was so sweetly quiet. Very shortly after, Livy slipped her hand to my chest, and her heavy head drooped to my shoulder. And when that contact was made, my heart skipped a beat as I fell in love with this wee jewel. Fell in love on a public street in Ligonier. We meandered and talked. Well, I talked...she listened.

Birds flew past and she picked her head up to watch with interest, while I explained, "Birdie!" It was a moment that thousands often have, but I don't...until last night. Thanks to this wonder.

We stopped on the corner to look at bright flowers...little jewels of light to attract a little girl's eyes. "Pretty flowers," Great Aunt Holly shares.

And, bending close to her tiny, sea-shell pink ear, I whisper, "Life, Olivia, is beautiful. You'll have some sad days; we all do. But, still life is beautiful and you will love your life. As much as we love you. Thank you for coming to visit me..."

A stolen moment or three between two girls. I am blessed. Life is truly beautiful.

Namaste' Till Later,
Holly aka Great Aunt Holly


Sarah said...

As you often do Holly, I'm in tears - happy ones for sweet Olivia the Beautiful!!What a magical evening. Somehow you make things that are mundane and sometimes even annoying into a magicical, amazing light filled moment. Thank you for sharing you delightful evening. Love, Sarah

clairedulalune said...

Holly what a lovely, enchanting evening!
Cherished memories!

Mel said...

Yes, once again my eyes are leaking as I read your words...

you remind me of how precious and new and amazing the world is through a child's eyes...if only we could grasp that same wonder, I think things would be different. Imagine capturing the feeling of seeing a beautiful flower for the very first time?

~much love to you and your Shiny One~

joyce said...

There's something that tugs at our heartstrings when a baby falls asleep on our chest. You want to tell the world to be quiet and still and stop turning, just for a while.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Big sigh. Oh, Holy, that is such a beautiful post and a beautiful memory and a beautiful baby. What a special night for you. Someday you can show Olivia this post. I bet she sighs too. xo

beth said...

she is so incredibly blessed to have you in her life !

Eileen said...

Holly, you did an excellent job describing the benefits package I now have!!! Isn't it just indescribably delicious! Oh so so happy for both you and Livy to have had the perfect bonding moment and then a whole weekend together!

Toni said...

You were with Livy; I was with Ciera ... the content of the moments changes but not that heart-flutter. Lovely!!!!!!!

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