Friday, June 19, 2009

Solstice Truths...Ye Must Learn

Gather round all who are called to follow the old ways...The Path. Abide a spell with this crone. The one who would share the truth of things- the truth of our Mother. It is time for the God & Goddess to join in bliss and celebrate the depth of lust, passion, trust, and love. The Wheel turns and Litha is soon upon us. Merry Meet!

In the shortest night/longest day, cast your circle, spiral your intention, draw in the power of the sun and blend it with the peace of the moon. Send your energy above and deep below. Ask a benediction on your life. Ask to be considered worthy to be one of the followers of the Goddess/God.

Let me say this, Dear Ones- I've enjoyed my time here with you in the Blog World. I'll miss it if I'm asked to leave; perhaps shunned for what I now impart. Telling you what I believe. It will not be the first time I have been escorted from the village but I'm certain it never gets easier to take.

It may be that I'm burned as a heretic by some. It could be the first time a crone was burned by her own! However, it's a risk I am willing to take. The question is, are you willing to take the risk of having a new thinking thrown your way?

Like most who walk The Path and those of us who pursue magick and craft of healing, we have been previously burned. Set ablaze. It's one of the reasons most women are reluctant to show themselves and own and foster their power. While the reluctance to act powerfully may be expected and understood, what I do not condone, will not sanction is our simpering, misguided attitudes when it comes to our Great Mother! It's time to stop believing that we are so vitally important to her future! She needs none of us to maintain her power. Let me explain:

Do you know this aspect of the Goddess?

This is Ma'at. Hail Divine One, I yield to you and do your bidding! It is said that for those individuals called by the ancient ones like the Egyptian pantheon, life will not be easy. I have found this to be true.

If you are called by Ma'at, the Goddess of Truth, Balance, Law, Quiet Strength, you must be unfailingly ready to tell the truth when it needs to be shared. So this is where I find myself today. I tell you, in preparation of the Solstice, reconsider your notions and ideas of our Mother.

We often picture her brightly colored, containing all life, not just on this earth plain but above and below. Sweet, gentle, ethereal, in need of protection and correction. In need of us to act as her sponsors for survival. To a certain point, this may be true. But we have taken this notion to a pinnacle of arrogance. We believe that only we can make Mother Earth whole and sustainable. WE ARE ARROGANT! Cheeky. Ridiculous.

Mother Earth has given us all that is needful. She is our home. She is ALL. And, while we need her to survive, she does not need us. Does Not Need Us. Self-sustaining and clearly directed, she is like the great Warrior Queens of ancient days. Like Maeve. Breede. Freya. Isis. A wise warrior and ruler who knows the ways of Humans. And loves them regardless. Loves them as her children.

Knows them and loves them for the foolish children they are, youngsters without knowledge and life experience. Without understanding. She is a mother! She understands that in her decision to raise up her young, she will be hurt countless times by their ignorance, rashness, indifference, attempts to grow, to stand alone. A mother will be hurt! But, a mother knows that it is her role to bring about opportunity to grow and become more than! Mistakes will be made. Bad ones. Some things will perish. CEASE TO BE. But Mother will remain. And, so shall we; so long as we show potential and growth.

However, be warned! If Mother ever becomes weary of us; when she's had enough of our foolishness, she will belch us off her blue marble face like a child spits watermelon seeds!

Although we can harm her, we do not possess the power to destroy her. We can only destroy ourselves. If we continue to act foolishly, Gaia may decide she has had enough. Bring an end to us. Long after any trace of Humankind is gone, Mother will remain. Because she is, what she is, what she is. She is earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

We can and must learn to walk through our lives with more grace and quiet. We must trust Mother more than we do; trust that she is stronger, more resilient and able than we could ever imagine. Trust that our current ways of life, though difficult, will bring about growth and countless opportunities to learn to do better. As she evolves and changes, some things will go away to make room for miracles we cannot imagine. It is the natural order of things. She will not be held static by our limited ability to see the entire view.

The magick we raise during Litha contains both sides of this complex relationship meeting in the moment. We celebrate the intricate dance of our physical world and our spirit. We take account of our actions and see the crop it grows. We celebrate our successes. Mother, lets us know when we are not bringing all of our potential to things... and when we are not being what we can be. We continue to grow toward a harvest.

With honest, joyful awareness we meld with her during the lush summer solstice. We resonate with her passion. We are humbled and grateful. For as much as we, her children, can be thoughtless, cruel, and foolish, she would not have us any other way. It is the cosmic way of things for the Great to rear the Small. And we are very, very small!

Stop acting as though our Earth is a frail, doddering crone who must have you to defend her and keep her going. See her in the fullness of her power. We are her daughters and sons! We are also her lovers! Her kings & queens. We are her partner. As she is ours.

We celebrate the passion and life sustaining blending of male and female energies during this time. Recast your patronizing, condescending attitudes about what must be done to save the Earth! This is the foolish talk of politicians and others who monger fear and have agendas deeply hidden for purposes of gaining power...agendas not funded in the truth of our ways. Do not fall prey to this baneful glamour!

See the truth of her. See her with the Sun King! See him yield to her perfection. Feel her as she curls her vibrant lithe arms around his strong body. Pressing her feminine energy into heights that requires NOTHING of you other than a bowed head and a profession of love and awareness. The pledge to walk as gently as you can and teaching those in your charge to do the same is what she desires. Not for her benefit, but for ours!

As you sit in the beauty of a budding summer's night, cast a healing circle, as Mel so wonderfully explains. And pledge yourself as her child and disciple. Stop patronizing her and believing you have the power to direct her. She does not need to be saved- she needs to be adored. She does not need to be healed; we need to be healed of our juvenile, thoughtless ways. We need her; she does not need us.

She does not need us; she wants us. Like a true mother, she loves us and provides, watches, and blesses or punishes when that's what it takes to spark the divine in us. She cries for those who will not be saved. And through it all, she endures.

This Solstice, stand still in her power like the sun! Rejoice in the longest day and know its glory. Realize the truth of Her. Feel her. Love her. Stand in the light of the miracle of how insignificant, yet everything, you are to her.

This time...feel the firm, ripe, erotic, all encompassing truth of our Mother. Learn your place. Apologize for those life choices that have harmed; pledge to do better and be true. Abide with her in all actions. Honor her for all she freely gives. Do so in love and light. As above, so below, bright blessings both near & far. A blessed Litha, Dear Ones!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Your Loving Crone


Kavindra said...

I hope you are right.

Sometimes I have wished she would go ahead and get rid of us once and for all so that she could be free of all the crap we do to her. Sometimes I have felt like you, that she will come back after we screw everything up and commit suicide ourselves, more resiliant and magical than we could ever dream.

Sometimes I am very very scared we are going to kill her tho. She doesn't need us, but does that mean that we can't harm her irrevocably?

I hope you are right. Well, you are the queen, so I am going to trust you.

Ribbon said...

Goodness Holly that was a long post.... beautiful but long.

Right now in this moment I'm scared of nothing... but myself:-)

best wishes and thanks for sharing.

ps... so good to be able to visit again.

docwitch said...

I love this! Beautiful, passionate words, and luscious images. Thankyou for such an inspiring post.

Happy Solstice wishes to you : )

Mel said...

Hmmmmmm....I"m with you...most of the way, but not all.

I *see* her power, and I feel it - I witness it every day - because the sun rises and the rain falls; because my plants grow and the blessed squirrels dig 'em up. But I also know that we HAVE damaged her, we HAVE done terrible things that must be atoned for...that must be apologized for.

I come to Her this Solstice as the penitent child, I ask her forgiveness and I send her my Love and Energy to heal the wounds that I (we) have inflicted..not because I believe myself mighty or even able to heal those wrongs in my puny way, but as a show of faith in Her, faith in the power that She has and to affirm that while we have made a right bollocks of so many things, there are still some of us who are Listening and who are grateful for what She does and has done for us...

I think we need to own what we've done...its not enough to abandon it to Her self-healing and hope She doesn't jettison us into the cosmos. She has already warned us...many times...but we're not Listening...

And that is why I will join the circle this weekend...

much love and Blessings to you, Dear One..thank you for your thoughts and as always, you keep me honest...xoxo

Eileen said...

Hmmmm, sorry Holly, but this sounds to me like the child who rudely has disrespected and hurt "Mother" and when called upon to own that and change their ways says "Oh yea, like I could really hurt her that much ... oh, please, she'll be just fine." I think it's an ethereal cop-out. Beautifully written, and images one doesn't usually see, but I just have to say, in my reality, I can't see it. I don't think environmental concerns are all about our ability to conquer and destroy Mother Nature, but destroy man's place on this planet as it becomes less and less willing and able to support us. Love to you and peace to you and yours.

Holly said...

I actually agree with you we must take responsibility. I think you have missed my meaning. I will say this...if we are so foolish and arrogant that we destroy ourselves, then it will be as it is to be.

So long as we tell people that our foolishness is going to destroy the great Mother, it will not change our behavior because it's not 'me' then, it's happening to someone else.

Mother Earth is not ours to destroy. We are ours to destroy. Let's call it what it is in the need to change thinking and correct behavior.

Thank you for speaking your truth...

Mel- you know I will be part of your suggested circle and asking for blessings and my moments of "I'll do better." That's what a person who is in love does with their beloved partner. Thank you for the great idea...

Ribbon- agreed, it is long. But, the story is told until it is finished. And, this was not a story I wanted to tell; I was compelled to tell...

Kavindra...I love your practical magick and how you see the world. All options need considering, don't they?

Docwitch, many thanks for your words and visit. I feel the same way about what I read on your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have long understood the reality of needing the earth and it not needing us. I'm ashamed of what has been done to this wonderful planet we live on. The sooner we realize that it is an honor to be here instead of ours to do what we please, the better off we'll be.

beth said...

wow, you are a wordy one today :)
but with passion, come words and the wanting to make a difference, right ?

I am a mother nature lover and protector...but you already new that didn't you ?

cinner said...

Hey there Holly, I am all about Nature and protecting Mother Earth.We allneed to change our behavior. It all starts with I right. I had to read this twice...I do love the pics especially the first one. This post was all new to me but has caused me to think so that is a good thing. Later my friend, Cinner

Toni said...

All this, ALL of it, is new to me, new info, new names, new ideas, new new new. I like that. But it means I don't have a comment, really, except to go away with my head full of thoughts, thanks to you. My post from the Universe today said this: "An unmistakable trait of every true genius, Antonia, is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to know. And an unmistakable trait of every true sage is their persistent awareness of how much more there is to love." I don't profess to be genius but my awareness surely leans to the 'how much I have to learn' side. You remind me of the 'love more' aspect, the balance. Thank you!

spottedwolf said...


Ya gotter by the short'n'curlies this AM fer sure..fersure!!!!Just for that I'magunna sing an old one for the oldest of all ones this AM and put it on the blog fer Litha.....and I'm performing at the big Aboriginal Day in the park Sunday as well......yee haw!!!!

spottedwolf said...

After reading some of the responses...I'll say this to clarify Holly's intention for those of you who do not see the 'underlay' of ancient fear which condones and portrays itself as "genuine concern" for the state of ecological affairs we think our earth is in.
1. Earth is not now...nor ever was meant to be Utopic.
2. Earth is far older than any `science`can ever prove
3. The great mother has seen these manifested infestations again and again in this INFINITE ILLUSION we are born of
4. Your concern for her being is essentially a deeper unnoticed concern for yourselves in a guilt-shame-reward scenario at a subconscious level orchestrated by survival issues.
5. No other life form, save humankind, defines existence....and thus suffers none of the associative anthropomorphic reasoning that humankind does..

Life With Dogs said...

How many times can I say new favorite?!?
I already knew this side of you Holly, and while others may disagree on specific points, I am aligned with the big picture you present.

Nature has always been my church, and if you listen carefully enough, it has much more to tell us than any book I have found.

swan said...

Holly, you are absolutly beautiful. Your words ring with a truth so clear, so vibrant, so right on! I am honored to read your bravery and would like to say, that I'm glad your tuned in to what is going on all around and inside us.

Sarah said...

I popped by this morning and only got part of the way through this amazing post. With children clamoring for my attention with, "Sarah hold me or read to me or feed me...generally, Sarah love on me" it became clear that I would have to wait until this evening to digest what you had offered up today.
Holly..honestly, you never fail to amaze me. What an earthy, loamy rich portrait of Gaia, Mother, Goddess. Beautiful and kind but deep and intense, balanced.
The reminder is relevant at this turn of the wheel and to the poin, we have become selfish, arrogant children.
Thank you hon for the amazing and heartfelt post.
For anyone who might feel the need to set you ablaze..let me say...they will have to walk through this Crone first.
Brightest blessings and love, Sarah

OnlyEd said...

Beautifully said! It fills my heart to read what you have wrote. Thyank you. I will share a poem of mine:

Leave The Oil In The Soil

Leave the oil in the soil,
the land and oceans we did spoil,
from pollution we must recoil,
we cannot continue to despoil,
and mix toxins to moil and roil,
for our water will start to boil,
then we'll lose all our topsoil,
and all our dreams will uncoil,
while politics continues to embroil,
in a mortal economic turmoil,
the corporate takeover we must foil,
or we'll be buried in the subsoil,
like a gargoyle with a trefoil,
we'll wait through Nature's toil,
as She turns us all into oil.

Leave the oil in the soil,
or from us, Nature will recoil.

Genie Sea said...

Oh Holly! You gave me a scare at the beginning of your post, talking about banishment! Woman! Don't do that again!

Your words are powerful and potent with truth. The images you chose are heady with passion, beauty and strength!

Some might disagree with you and some will emphatically. An ant can bite us, but it will get crushed and that's what I think we are in relation to our Mother Earth. We do need to stop harming ourselves through her.

linda may said...

Oh WOW! I am sitting here with tears running down my face. You need to teach our media and govt this.
I am connected with this earth and she is all powerful.

miss*R said...

I was sent a link to this post and I am with Mel... as I read your post, I agreed with most things.. but this Solstice and every Full Moon, I am gathering a band of Earth Healers together.. those women who feel a need to join their healing hands and energies together with other wise women across the globe.. to send healing to Mother Earth.. to let Her know that we care.. much like we do for our own human mothers when they struggle.. each morning I wake to yet more women wanting to join in..
I guess each of us has to follow our hearts and souls on this.. sending blessings across the globe

Joanna Jenkins said...

Holly, Your opening about shunning gave me pause! Once I had uninterputed time to devote to your entire post I read with interest-- so much is totally new to me. But, I agree with you on the big picture-- the need to care for our planet earth. Your words and writing are heartfelt and beautiful, just like you. Thank you for sharing. I will revisit this post many times. xo

Cam said...

These images are breathtaking, Holly! I want one for every wall! Ha!

I do see what you were saying here!!

Fingers still crossed for no belching us off the planet! I mean, Mars is cool and all, but I prefer it here...


KnittingJourneyman said...

Wonderful .... post, reminders, stories....
Blessed be...

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