Saturday, June 6, 2009

Livy Meets The Queen

On a gorgeous sunny Sunday not too long ago, a small and delightful little girl finally had her audience with The Queen of The Universe. She was well mannered, a bit sleepy, and brought with her, her Mother...for she was too little to come for the meeting on her own.

The Queen, upon embracing her for the very first time, immediately melted and her regal, large heart puddled into a burble of smiles, tears, and emotion for this newest, and possibly most wondrous, subject. Olivia Grace was very huggy and fascinated with The Queen, who believes this audience may be one of the best gifts she's received in a very long time.

The Court had gathered to celebrate Olivia's special day...for on this day, she was baptized and is now one of the newest members of a spirited and lively church in Maryland. A beautiful May day blazed bright, full of flower buds, trees in bloom, emerald green lawns, light comforting breezes, and big puffy white clouds. We were dressed in our finery to pay homage to the occasion.

This was an important day for me as well, because while Laura is my niece as you know, I am also her Godmother. What a wonder to recall my standing with her when she was so young and promising to protect and guide her. And, to act as witness as she, in turn, brought her daughter to the embrace of a loving congregation.

Livy's Uncle Sean is her Godfather, and he stood to say the oath that proclaims he will help guide her lovingly as she grows. This guy is quite fabulous, and I am so proud of the people my niece and nephew have become. Like Livy's dad Eric, Sean is also a deputy in the Harford County Sheriff 's Department. He works each day to keep the dark forces at bay so all can live more safely. WE love you, Sean-o!

In this beautiful circle rested the magical and blessed water that was sprinkled on Livy's head while she solemnly, and without a sound, watched as the service took place around her. She was so quiet. An old soul in a very wee body...

Afterward, friends and family gathered for a meal and celebration. And, I spent a few precious hours back 'home' with them and enjoyed every small second. A few of these people are fascinating adults who I watched grow from their tiny Jaime who has been Laura's friend forever. I am very proud of this young woman, too, as I've watched her navigate rough times to begin crafting a life that is worthy of her gifts and talents.

Because we have a wonderful family and circle of friend...and because Livy is now such a powerful presence in the midst of it, I am blessed. Our circle expands to include new ones and what more can one ask?

And, as if it couldn't get any better, today Sweet Olivia turns five months old and celebrated that accomplishment with just a tiny hint of her very first tooth. Imagine, a meeting with The Queen and a new tooth all in the same week!

Oh, they grow up so very fast... For certs, We are most amused!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Aunt Hol, aka Great Aunt Holly aka QoftheU


clairedulalune said...

Lovely post Holly! It is wonderful to watch children grow and learn before our every eyes, all too quickly!

Alison said...

Lovely to read-thank you! I have been in France for 9 months now, and I ache when I think of my wee granddaughters back in New Zealand and the huge changes in their lives that I have been missing. When I left, Sienna couldn't really talk. Now that's all she does!:-) But I'll be home soon to see them. And I'm getting another grandbaby as well!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

With a wise and loving aunt like you to watch over her as she makes her way in this life, I can't wait to hear about the magic she creates!

I'm sorry that I can't think of much to's her cutie little cheeks. I'm still mesmerized!


Sarah said...

Oh Holly... I'm all chocked up and in tears!! What a wonderful post!! Oh how wonderful for your niece and your lovely Olivia to have such a Queen as you!! What a gift you are!!! Oh this is wonderful!!
Huge hugs hon - I hve to go get some tissue - my mascara is all over. Love ya, Sarah

beth said...

don't babies just make the world a better place to live?

and honestly, don't you just want to eat her up ?

congrats to all on such a special day !!

joyce said...

You are so good at writing events into an actual story form. Its uniquely you. (A unique queen is good!). Godparents are wonderful, it can be a special relationship. Mine are, and at times like this I I miss having them for my children.

Kavindra said...

Oh I am amused too! You are so fantastic, both as a writer and a human being. Lovely lovely lovely!

Eileen said...

Good evening Holly ... I'm just back from Kent Island. I absolutely loved seeing the pictures of your meeting and the day with sweet Livy. I know the joy you felt having her in your arms ... I hope that you'll have that opportunity again sooner than you think.

cinner said...

Hi holly Olivia,s post is a reminder to me that life goes on.I have just suffered the loss of my father and it is the little rays of sunshine that keep me going. My niece was here today so had access to the computer, thinking of you will check all blogs when I get home. Please pas a hi to Tony Beth and char. Love cinner

Hybrid J said...

What a fantastic family gathering! Lovely pix. :D

sema said...

Thank you holly for inviting me to the family gathering.That's true,your narration made me feel as if I was there enjoying every moment with you.
my blessings to the little one,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Oh Holly, that made me smile! Olivia is absolutely beautiful :-) And you are glowing with joy!

I take my job as a Godmother very seriously and I'm sure you do too. What a joy to have such a special connection with a child then watching them grow to into an adult.

My heart is full for you all :-)

Mel said...

Oh but those cheeks were just made for smoochin'!!!

Such Happy-ness!!

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