Wednesday, June 24, 2009

No Longer A Meme Virgin

Well, thanks to the curiosity of Mrs. Hall, I'm no longer a meme neophyte, so welcome to the opportunity of learning about me through the question or notion of another's blog, called a Meme. If you're not familiar with Senora Hall, and you want to dive into something spicy, sharp, pungent, irreverent, with a good dose of reality-checking, loving to her blog.

Her question is: If I was not me, I would be... That first picture? Yeah, I'd be her. Audrey Hepburn who was/is the epitome of feminine charm with grace and pose; lovely in all ways. Who later in her life turned her charms to Unicef as an ambassador; using her celebrity to gain attention to children in need. That neck? Yeah, I'm all about that sensuous neck of hers. Yes...I would be Audrey Hepburn. She who played Holly Go-Lightly and I always loved my name thanks to that. Go ahead, adore me! I am beautiful, no?

If not Audrey, I know I would be Eleanor of Aquitaine who, in the 1100's, lived to be in her 90s!!!! Hear it? 90s!!!! Unheard of and considered a miracle by some. She had a cunning mind. Shrewd. Educated. She almost ripped England out from underneath her husband, King Henry when he wasn't looking and playing war games elsewhere. In his absence, she quite successfully ran the kingdom for him.

Prior to Henry, as the Queen of France, she road into the Holy Land as part of the French Crusade. Yep, she and her women road, bare chested...yeah you heard me, bare chested like the ancient women warriors. She went as part of the French Army. Her unique version of the Amazon princesses...

And, if that wasn't enough, how about being the mother of Richard The Lionhearted? One of England's most notable monarchs. Yeah, if I wasn't Holly Lee, I'd probably be Queen Eleanor. She was a ripping good Queen.

Of course, going back to my desire to be tall and lithe, if I wasn't me, I'd most likely be a Rockette! Yep...a dancing fool on the Radio City Music Hall stage. Doing the moves...high kicking and high stepping to the applause and adoration of millions.

I have an insider's view of that life, thanks to my sister-in-law's mom, Judy. She was a Rockette! And, she happens to be the most photographed one from that glamorous 30s vintage.

Judy is still absolutely stunning and keeps us mesmerized by her stories and memorabilia. Yes, I'd want to be a Rockette.

However, if I wasn't tall enough to make the cut...and most likely I wouldn't be because this isn't the first life when I've been vertically challenged, then I'd really do well as this flip, irreverent, flinty, intelligent, independent, self-aware, caustic, glowing, comedic, multi-faceted, super star, Katherine Hepburn. What are the odds that I would pick to be both Hepburns, but when you know quality, you work with it. Don't you agree?

I can't think of one movie of hers that isn't worth sitting through repeatedly. Even when she was in the twilight of her time, as in On Golden Pond. Stunning! But, if you want to know Kate in her prime, look no further than The African Queen, and my absolute favorite, Bringing Up Baby. Don't know those? Oh you've got to be kidding! Run. Find them. Go now. I'll wait.

From cinema queens, back to historical queens: If I was not me, I would be Elizabeth I, queen of the ages. The woman who was not wanted by her father...not chosen to succeed him. Walked close to death several times. But that's just fine, because she was DESTINED to be Queen. And, she somehow knew that about herself at a very young age so she waited, worked to be educated and knowledgeable, and made herself ready. She would not take a man as her consort and risk losing her power to the age of male dominated blindness. She ruled alone and supreme. She ruled alone and grieved it as a woman. She ruled the country through war, the threat of it, and into peace where it remained for the best part of her reign. She was sovereign and mother to her country, and willingly sacrificed her personal needs for the good of the many.

She is responsible for funding explorations that lead to discoveries in the New World...bringing us all a little closer to the global village our Earth has become. Can you imagine what she would think of this world and all that is at our disposal, now? Hail Regina! Queen of The Ages, you are the fair, Elizabeth...

The reality, however, is as much as it's fun to gather wool about how I would be as these remarkable women, I'd rather be the owner to these two monsters...the ones that make me laugh. That make owning a canine a complete pleasure and joy. I never thought I'd ever be lucky enough to own a Scottie, and Rory & Fiona are the absolute best that I could have ever found.

And, while I am Queen of The Universe, which I know you understand, it's still fun to wonder how I would have lived as any of these stellar women...god, my life would be so very different. Better? Who can say? But I know for a fact- I am blessed beyond anything I could have imagined in this lifetime because I am now a member of this family of mine.

Michael, Evan, and Melissa mean more to me than I can adequately express. And worth giving up riding bare breasted into battle. Yeah, worth more than that, for certain.

This meme taught me something, though, and I think it's important... If I had answered this question a few years back, I'm fairly certain that I would have chosen all males as my options. I wouldn't have thought of one woman that I like so much. This post reveals what can happen when you decide that you must learn to love both the male and female parts of your energy so that you can live life in balance.

I've worked really, really hard to learn to love and respect the feminine parts of my being. Thanks to that work, and some wonderful women who are now part of my world...I think I'm pretty successful.

I am happy with who I am. Truly. This life of mine? It's a great one. Now it's your turn to play along with this meme and tell us who you'd be if ye wasn't you. Meantime, sit and sway to the song that is probably my all time favorite. And, that's not to be taken lightly because I have close to 700 CDs in my iPod, so if I say this one is my favorite? I ain't kidding.

So for the guys out there, listen up! This song? As far as I'm concerned, if you want to know what a woman wants to make her life a happy one, here's the recipe, and it's not complicated. Just follow it. You'll come out the real winner, I promise!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Queen of the Universe aka Queen of The Here & Now


Genie Sea said...

Powerful, graceful, proactive women of legend, you have chosen. They all have that in common. They were not just beautiful. They were women of consequence. Just. Like. You. :)

Spiral Dancer said...

Not enough Scottish Queens for me to align with , ( if I were to do this meme that is) Love Elinor also and Kate well , she is the greatest and BUB is always a treasure..I was trying to think of Marie Antoinette's mother who also lived to a great age and have many children.. great meme for as first time..

beth said...

on golden pond.....THE BEST !

I've never really thought about being anyone other than myself... never crosses my mind....

is that bad ?

Kavindra said...

As I was reading I kept thinking "but Holly is Holly is Holly is Queen, and what could be better than that?" And you wisely reached the same conclusion.

There's only one you, and it is fantastic!

And hey, if you wanted to ride bare-breasted into battle, who's to stop you (altho you might have some 'splainin' to do to the police department...)

Sarah said...

Oh one of my very favorite songs!!! Yup that works for me!!
Meme virgin - lol girl. Seems you meme well!! Wonderful post hon - wow great choices!! I'm gonna have to think about that one. I'm pretty happy being me too - who would I be??? Will give it some thought. I think Queen Holly still rules them all!! Love, Sarah

cinner said...

Very interesting, I am glad you like you as much as we all do. You are just a wonderful lady whom I can not imaagine being any different or more wonderful than you already are. I would have to think whom I would be...I think that is for another day, hugs cinner

Toni said...

I could've run down that list for you myself, except (unfortunately, dear Queen, my Veronica has already soundly roundly and utterly laid claim to being Audrey Hepburn -- and who am I to contradict? (hee) And I do NOT like Kate Hepburn in movies (exCEPT On Golden Pond) -- sorry -- so that makes me glad that you're glad to be you, too!

and I don't think so much of being someone else, but of living in other times, especially and mainly being a writer/artist in Paris in the 20s ... and also being a pioneer in Nebraska (something my great grandmother was) ... but I still want to be ME (my brain, my way of being) ...

however, it must be said, that I'd love to have the experience (for a week, say) of having CLEAVAGE! maybe be a 40's pin-up girl, then?

Life With Dogs said...

A meme well worth participating in - and it prompted a great post from you. A great, thought provoking question - one that I could not answer if pressed to. Now you have me thinking again. Funny how you do that Holly!

Tessa said...

Wonderful post! Fascinating and informative and oh so eloquent. I loved every moment of my journey around the women you admire, Holly, thank you for sharing that. Love the song, too.

PS. How beautiful you look as you..with your family.

joyce said...

I wondered what a meme is. (how on earth did they come up with that name?) I'm fascinating with Elizabethean history, and glad you put her on there too. Who would I be, in a word, good question, I'll have to think about that.

Ribbon said...

I think that there's a bit of all those woman in you and that's possibly why you admire them :-)

We're all more alike than different.

Best wishes beautiful Holly...

x Ribbon

spottedwolf said...

I'd have to say that you road into battle bare-breasted when you chose to have children and love them with all a warriors heart....let alone your men. Don't you realize that the woman you are today is made up of all these icons of your youth?

Me.....I think my most interesting life was the one I was most humbled by.....that as the royal bum-wiper for Henry the 8th...

Gennasus said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to meet you! Your Scotties look gorgeous, especially the wheaten, they're quite unusual over here.

Great post, you've chosen some of the best women. Who wouldn't want to be Audrey Hepburn?

I'll pop back when I return from the biking holiday, better go and pack now......not that I can pack much! Travelling light.

Janet said...

oh Holly! where do i start?

earlier this morning, i was doing my postcrossing thing & one of the recipients (in Taiwan) is a fan of movies. so i sent her an Audrey Hepburn card and mentioned that my fave movie of hers was "B at T's." then i come here and ... whadya know? there's audrey again!

then i got down to the photo of you & your family. isn't that an Air Force jacket? my son is marking his 10th year in the AF this October. are we proud mamas or what?

and then i get to the song!? love it! had a weird/special moment around that song years ago when it first came out. was trying to tell someone about it cause i loved it so much, but couldn't quite remember everything about it. i turned on the radio not even a minute later and it was playing. (btw, didn't it come from the Johnny Depp movie "Don Juan?" a great movie!)

you are def the QotU.

Janet, QoE

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