Sunday, March 29, 2009

Silent Sermon Sunday

Well, I finally figured out the device for Your Mother Knows. A Grace note. A photo to view and take a breath with; perhaps a quote that moves me. A moment that invites you to reconnect with Source. To clear your mind and your heart for the week ahead. To say, "Amen," to the challenges left behind in your week just finished.

For inauguration of my contemplative device, I am using a wonderful image that Toni found on the internet and sent as a gift; she knows I love purple! Shall we sit together in the quiet and peace of it all?

Welcome to Silent Sermon Sunday.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Toni said...

Loveliness, a spot of quiet, a turn inward. YEA! Can you add, though, that I Googled that image? It's not mine -- don't want credit going awry there! Someone (I wish I knew who) took a gorgeous photo, but it wasn't me!

Holly said...


Eileen said...


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