Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy To Me!

Let's face it, I think I exhausted every word I ever thought or heard in yesterday's post. Even I have to admit it was pretty hefty in content and scope. Today, my brain isn't filled with words to share. And, it is the weekend, so I'm sure you'll let me slide.

This morning, I woke to a sunny day. Saw the light streaming in through the colors of a sun catcher. A gift from dear friends, Leanne and Mark. I cast a blessing their way when I look at it. I am momentarily mesmerized by the beautiful colors. Colors winking and smiling on me. Red, orange, turquoise, blue.

Yoki came to me while I laid there. It reminded me...Many mornings he'd pick up his head sensing that I was awake. (How do dogs do that?! How do they know even if you don't open your eyes or move, they know!) Thump the tip of his tale in acknowledgment. Meggie would stay curled next to me, too indolent to care that the day was beginning. He'd lay with me while I watched the same pebbles of color. Allowing me the brief few minutes of quiet and peace, perhaps prayer, to get ready for the day. But when they were done...

"Happy To Me, It's a new day!" You could almost hear him say. He'd bound off the bed and to the kitchen for his carrot and 'big cook' chomping with gusto...and then out to the yard. The Princess following stoically behind.

I thought I'd share a picture of Yoki with you today. This was taken not long before he died. I find it fascinating that he was old and stiff by then. Sore most days, I'm guessing. Yet, he looks pretty young at 15. Is that because of his playful attitude and nature? Or because dogs are unaware and unconcerned about age?

When I see this I see a smile. I see solid contentment with being. I see a dog who adored me; of all my dogs, this one utterly loved me for reasons he couldn't share through words. Just actions. I see a spirit to marvel over. I see an animal companion and loved one that I miss a great deal.

Heyoka, my dog of very simple needs. My dog of massive daily joy at every new day. The one who taught me that joy comes in the simple, predictable things in life.

He never took any of them for granted. He just gobbled them up with gratitude.

I think I'll try to follow his example today.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka LadyThing


Eileen said...

Boy, there isn't anything much better than that kind of love! And I (the Woman Who Owns No Animals - which is my self-appointed American Indian name) can appreciate how much we can learn about joy, contentment, self-acceptance and pure bliss from the beloved animal world. Holly, I know he felt that you reciprocated every feeling and his life was as special as it was because you found each other!

Toni said...

What a beauty! Love his white markings. Animals, they are the ONES, aren't they? Last night, Zoe got so excited when I opened the studio door for her that she actually backed all the way to the far wall of the studio, then did a running launch. Problem is, we have ceramic tile floors -- so once she got up to top speed, she started sliding, and pretty soon it was the four-legged saucer spin -- complete circles with all four legs doing in different directions. I've never seen such a surprised cat in my life (except Zoe herself, every time she overshoots my studio chair and ends up in the recycle trash can on the other side). Are you smiling? yea, see, that's what they do for us. What I love most is how she ALWAYS musters her dignity (& balance), then saunters away with this backward glance that says haughtily, "I MEANT to do that!"

... I'm STILL giggling about the laundry comment. You totally hit my funny bone.

Anonymous said...

Tell us the story of how you found him/he found you.

Holly said...

Okay Annonymous:
I'll follow up a post about how Yoki came to live with me. Thanks for the question!

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