Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Quiet Moment

I've noticed that some of my successful blogging 'friends', the ones who post extensively, are giving their brains regularly scheduled down-time by employing a crafty device. Each as unique as their blog. For instance, Mr. Author, creator of Life With Dogs, has Wordless Wednesdays.

And, it was on Ribbon's site fragments treasures memory that I first saw Six Word Saturdays. This handy notion was created by Cate, owner of Show My Face. The task is coming up with six solid words to share with an image posted for a reader's enjoyment. Energy is still required and invested, just not as much as a regular post. And, a good mental exercise for those of us (I include myself here,) who can be, err, long winded... It can be challenging to collapse lofty ideas into terse verbiage!

These are quite interesting. And useful. It's a difficult task, this business of daily crafting words for you to chew on. Daily sharing parts of ourselves, our lives. Displaying fragments of spirit out in the open. That's why your comments and questions are so helpful; they sew seeds in our odd brains so we can continue to fabricate.

So, how do we take a breather without shorting, a.) our own mental process and, b.) our readers who come to our sites to find stuff to fill their cups? I'd say these two are great examples. But, Your Mother Knows has yet to discover hers....I'm still questing about.

It can't simply be something banal, a toss away. It must still add value to the blog. So, until I nail one down, let me share what I do have- another great picture of our fair Olivia. I'm going with that today; I hope you like it.

She's certainly not being employed as a place saver, for I think her sweet expression and the deep soul of her eyes gives one more than enough to ponder for one entry. But, I also know that not everyone loves children and babies. Many don't find them fascinating in the least.

If you fall into the latter category having come to earth missing the Cooing Gene, then use this quiet moment to stop and examine her face in miniature bits. There's a wealth of information to consider. Mysteries to unravel. How do eyes that fresh hold so much hidden in them? A depth that shouldn't be apparent in one so new. Ancient wisdom peering out from an infant face.

A smile that that is ignited by the face of someone dearly loved. A special smile singularly shared with a special someone. She is so young, and yet old enough already; when she sees Laura, she smiles so completely. How soon relationships can seal our hearts in a lifetime bond.

So, here's what I share for your close consideration today...Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you, Sweet Livy! Enjoy your quiet moment.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Great Aunt Holly


Toni said...

Olivia is worth a photo a day, her own side bar, heck, her own BLOG!!! but that's another story. Listen, here's how I do it: I don't feel like blogging? I got nothing to say, post, show or tell? Then I just don't. I used to have a tag on my sidebar, BWO (blogger without obligation)(I need to find it again) ... meaning it's my blog, I do it when and how I wish ... readers take their chances. It's not being callous or indifferent, but EVERYONE knows that stuff happens, or doesn't, and blogging requires refreshment of the soul == breaks == SO my point is that if you need or want a day of no blogging, just take it. Unless you really WANT to create your own short-post-tradition.

cinner said...

Olivia is beautiful, you just want to hug her to pieces. Toni is right, if you don't want to then don't. I did see on here a blog called The one Minute gives you an idea and then you write for a minute. I type too slow for that. lol. always love your posts. take care, cinner

Call Me Cate said...

Thank you so much for linking to my blog. I struggle with feeling obligated to post each day (though, I really WANT to post each day, it's just finding something worthwhile) and sometimes wanting a break. I try to have a few posts in reserves.

And Six Word Saturday has been a real blessing. Not only does it allow me to express myself succinctly once a week while forcing myself to really consider what I want to represent, but it has also allowed me to see some beautiful and important ideas expressed by other bloggers.

Thanks again for your note!

beth said...

thanks for stopping by !!
and yes...I've always been a brave go-getter who doesn't let much stop me...and it's even gotten worse with age !!

and now with so many houses and barns here in wisconsin just falling apart...well, I just can't help myself !!!

and that little livvy love is precious !!!

Eileen said...

I just came in the door after a soul filling day with my little Simon to be greeted by Livvy dear happy face! Does a heart need ask for anymore than that!

I so get the need for a break ... but just maybe it can be your dear smiling face posted saying ... I am germinating some insights to share and a captive in the garden ... look for me tomorrow. I will be in full bloom by then!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

It's the clean slate of the soul. Free of the debris we collect along the way.

Daily, we should all ask ourselves, WWOD?

She would coo, and smile, and giggle with wild abandon.

Beautiful girl.

Samantha said...

What you've said today is so pertinent to me at the moment. Thank you, dear one.

I want to write every day, and seem to have a head full of ideas, but being rather long-winded in my writing and the process that accompanies it, well, it's just not practically possible to do it every day.

Yet I worry when I haven't written for a few days - feel that I've been away from the scene too long.
I do like the idea of "Blogging Without Obligation."
And if I haven't got anything worth saying, I just won't say it.

Thanks for sharing Olivia with us - she's beautiful. Blessings.

Anonymous said...

Olivia is beautiful! Small people can bring out the best in us "old" folks...I had Carley last night and we joined a Terrific Tots program and watching these small people fascinated me. They bring out the best we have to offer even on those dark days which I was having yesterday afternoon. The light came out again when Carley walked through the door and yelled NANA.

Enjoy the moment.

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