Friday, March 20, 2009

Enough! Know When To Say It

For the love of God! Be warned. If someone like me, someone who is lousy with numbers and math, can see that there's a problem here....well, let's put it this way....we're all royally screwed.

Because if the problem continues long enough and grows messy enough, even someone who as stupid as I am with numbers can finally see it. Even though, by then, it's a total cluster screw. And, Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm telling you....

This economy and Washington's attempts to correct it? The Queen can see the problem. Time to roll down a flight of steps to kiss your ass goodbye.

Yesterday, I'm listening to the news. Big mistake. I don't know why I do it. It's not unlike yanking out my eyelashes. And, I hear the latest attempt by the Fed to correct the economy is to put another TRILLION dollars into the fix. Absolutely crazy, right? But here's what's truly appalling, the trillion? There will be a bit of a delay while they feverishly PRINT IT FIRST!

Print it?! Are you kidding me? Print it!

Isn't that about as ridiculous as a youngster's foolish thinking that just because you have blank checks in your check book, it's an indicator that you have money to spend???

How old were you before your fiscally responsible parent disabused you of that wrong thinking? I was about 10. Didn't any politician have parents who helped them understand that when it comes to money and living life....

Don't write a check that your money and mouth can't back up!!!

If we keep lying to ourselves...if we keep printing money. You'll need a wheel barrow full of it to take to buy a loaf of bread!

Don't take my word for it; go read about life during our Civil War, when Confederate currency became worthless. Or, read about the Russians and what happened to their Ruble. Or, Germany following the war. Or, what lead the French to their Revolution. And, it had nothing to do with cake! Which, by the way, Marie Antoinette NEVER said. But for God's sake, learn what happens when a government continues to act like fools, behave without a conscience, and do whatever they want- refusing to listen to the people.

Couple that with our current mania for all inclusiveness, and we have a flash point that is Armageddon in its potential. This could be the end of American civilization as we know it. I'm not suggesting whether that's a good or bad thing, that's on you to decide for yourself. I'm simply stating that life as we recognize it may well be over. You better get ready.

Look, here's the deal. It's not real; none of it. Money is not real. It's a tangible representation of energetic exchange. But, you have to ask, what's really going on here? If it isn't real, what's wrong with continually printing more of it? Because, when you print money instead of working to correct a problem, it further pollutes a bad situation. Because, it's not backed by truth, not funded in real currency- it's not genuine. It will do no good at all to help things get better!

As Betty Davis, in All About Eve, said so memorably, "Fasten your seat belts boys, it's going to be a bumpy night!"

You know that I believe that all of us succeed or none of us does; a rising tide raises all ships. But, that's on the energetic, spiritual plane of existence. Here on earth, where life is a learning lab constructed for our highest spiritual development, failure is a necessary part of the rising tide.

As Humans, we learn more from our failures than we do from our successes. Failure makes you look at yourself. Wonder about what should have been done differently or better. Humbles you and makes you more open to awareness of yourself as a spiritual being. It's hard and bitter. Failure is not for the weak-hearted. But it is critical to the future.

Success simply tells you, keep doing more of the same. It's not innovative. It doesn't change. It's actually quite static.It's failure that makes us curious about what we missed...what could be improved...what's what!


So, when we insist on this mindset that all of us must succeed, the astronomical cost associated with it be damned, the reverse is what we get. We set up conditions for all of us fail. Cease to be. We legislate the spirit of winners and entrepreneurs out of our country.

Based on our current crazy behavior, if we had authorized the Federal Government to run the Titanic, there would have been ZERO survivors! Why? Because they would have insisted that none of us could get into the life boats unless all of us did.

If the Federal Government was funding Thomas Edison as he attempted to invent the light bulb, we'd be sitting in the dark. We'll never know the true number, but it's famed that it took Edison 10,000 attempts to make a bulb that worked. When a reporter asked him how he felt about that sort of grand failure, Edison said, "I haven't failed, I simply now know 10,000 ways not to create a light bulb."

However, if the current political climate were running the show, they would have said,"That's all right Thomas, we don't need to keep doing that now. You tried really hard, though; good job! Here's some money. Go invest in lamp oil or whatever. We'll continue to do just fine with that."

Stop allowing Big Government to increase its footprint and control of FREE enterprise and the economy! Please. I'm begging. There's no place for Washington in private enterprise. It will cease to be and then, so will we. Oh you're right, attempting to legislatively decrease the gap between the haves and the have-nots, absolutely means we'll be on a more level playing field.

But the field will hold a tent city where all of us struggle to survive!

Ask the Russians how the experiment with socialism worked! Everyone certainly was made equal; equally poor, starved, terrorized, and unmotivated to attempt change. They were provided housing and forced to live with perfect strangers; the lights on most of the time but there were no books to read, nothing to watch; heat worked most of the time but no thermostats to control it; government provided health care that one waited months to access; unaffordable food although Russia is a massive country that could be farmed but there was no equipment or supplies; and very little else. Wake Up! It's not like we haven't seen examples of what's currently beginning in our country!

Big Business and the me-first-you-last behavior that goes with some big money is a necessary part of the dog at the gate. It's the part that's likely to bite you, true, but it's also the part that keeps us on our toes and moving forward. Big money is also the thing that supports us medical us public to end social ills, disease, hunger.

Everyone is furious with AIG for doling out bonuses in this shitty economy. Agreed. But, don't ask the Washingtonian thieves to do anything to correct that. Stop looking to the government to legislate correct behavior! Have you never heard of BIG BROTHER?! What? You think because we passed 1984 that we dodged that bullet??? Focus on the real problem- politicians who didn't set up the stipulations on the bail out money as part of the agreement! Who didn't proceed with a plan instead of a panic.

You can't give someone a loan, without stipulations and parameters, and then attempt to control how the person uses the money! That's legislation after the fact! Not possible! Why aren't we angry that we have politicians who are that stupid, that corrupt, that asleep at the switch, that they give our money away, and then act like bastions of correct behavior post facto?

Doing the morally correct thing, freely making the best choice for the best outcome for all of us, is a process of learning to be a real Human Being. You can't legislate that! It's a process. It's understandable to be frustrated that the AIG execs, despite knowing what total chaos we're facing, still can't find it in themselves to do the right thing and refuse the bonuses. You should be furious with politicians who are that stupid and short-sighted. But, don't expect stupid behavior to effectively change insensitive behavior. It can't.

We cannot continue to turn to Washington for a fix; it's like leaving a dingo to watch your baby. We have to get right with the fact that some things will perish. Some things need to be allowed to fail. We're not playing pee-wee T ball here! We all don't get to stand and swing repeatedly until we connect. We can't all live small so all of us feel good. We must allow things, some individuals, and perhaps this economy, to hit bottom. We need to do it sooner than later.

If we sanction the Fed to continue to print monopoly money, our Dollar will be so devalued, we'll lose our world standing totally. No one will trade with us. No one will lend us a thing. Foreign money will pull out and things will collapse. We'll be held in a terminal dog paddle hoping we can stay afloat. Endlessly struggling to keep our heads above the rising waters. Eventually, we'll succumb, but not before we ruin the world for our kids and grandchildren.

Enough! It's time to take a solid stand. This far, no further. There are times when you have to be courageous enough to surrender the useless struggle. Allow yourself to sink. Perhaps drown. Sink to the very bottom with your faith intact. But, once you sink, when your feet brush the firm bottom, you have the chance to push UP and break the surface. Living once more.

I know it's frightening. But, it's time to pick our poison. Do we want to be killed in tiny small doses delivered without our control? Or would we rather pick the time and place of the battle? The battle that might kill us, but may prove to make us victoriously triumphant through passing defeat. Stronger for what we endured. Wiser for what we lived through. Not just here in America, but for our entire global village.

I can guarantee which choice this old Spartan makes. The question is, which one will you make?

Namaste' Till Next Time,


LionKing said...

F-in solid!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Holly for Prez!! You got my vote!

So glad that I get to know you now... how awesome is this thing called blog?

chrisk said...

I second the vote! A voice of, dare I say, COMMON SENSE!?!?

Mike Casey said...

Wow, awesome post. You do have common sense indeed!

jan said...

Holly, I SO hear what you're saying. I feel as if we are being governed by a bunch of unruly kindergartners. If those of us who have only run a household can see the problems, surely our nation's leaders see them and are making them worse.

Desert Grace Boutique said...

You sum it up PERFECTLY!

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