Sunday, March 8, 2009

Livy & Longer Light

Well, we made it. Winter is almost over and to prove it, we return to Day Light Savings time! Wonderful to have that extra sunlight on the back end of a day. No more driving home in the dark. Or getting home just as the sun drops from the sky thwarting all hopes of enjoying a few moments in the still garden. Moving forward, each day will feel like a deep breath of possibility.

And, that's what Olivia is for our extension of sunlight. An expansion of excitement and joy. Don't babies bring out the best in us? They're the living definition of possibility. Livy is two months old now! Each day she brings something new to Laura and Eric's life. To all of us. Even the tiniest of antics that we take for granted are a true wonder for everyone at the Gonzalez house.

Just as the lengthening days seem a wonder to all of us. Expand into the light. As the days lengthen and warm, try to hold onto your current sense of joy that this extra hour brings. Make it last. And, try to find the wonder in each the wonder of Olivia's smiles.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Great Aunt Hol


Toni said...

Ack, what a wee darling!!!! What a great shot, too, that expression! I love her name, Olivia, and also Livvy ...

Anonymous said...

My granddaughter turns two on Friday the 13th. What did I do two years ago...every waking moment I have thoughts of Carley and can't wait until the next time I have her...children have that magic...

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