Saturday, March 28, 2009

Baby Showers And Garden Tillers

Michael is off to retrieve the tiller that we've rented for a few hours this morning. The attempts will be made to till up three new beds in the back gardens. One, is a shared bed for us and the neighbors, where Cindy and I will do our best to plant and tend a garden. I hope we have as much luck with our version of a Victory Garden. I am certain it will not get as much press coverage as the one recently installed at the White House.

After that, I have a baby shower that I must attend. I say must, because they are a true act of love since I actually don't like showers....of any sort. Don't like the silly games...don't like the hours of exclaiming,"Ohhh!," each time a box or bag is opened. I want to bring my gift, make nice, visit, eat, and blow. I know, I'm bad, you don't have to tell me.

And then, I must come get back here and finish yesterday's marathon that I thought would be a snap, but which almost snapped my back. I decided it was time to re-arrange the furniture in the craft room, and then while I was at it, go through my odds and ends and keep what's of value and pitch what is not. What the hell was I thinking???

We, card makers are a sick, twisted bunch. It's like our fingertips ooze glue which adheres any and all stray scraps of paper to our hands. Completely countermanding the desire to throw them away. I now have a gallon bag of odd bits of bright papers...I could use them in cards some day. Well, I could! Don't judge me.

But, while the craft room scornfully laughed at my defeat as I exhaustedly walked away last's in for a show-down today. The Queen will return peace to her kingdom! And, so say all of us!

Well, I think I hear the garage doors, which means it's Tiller can only hope that it ends the day with Miller Time. Or wine or something.

Step back! She's going in!!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


cinner said...

Holly this was hilarious, your views about baby showers are exactly like mine. I was laughing the whole way through...lucky you to be out in the beds tilling. I still have about a foot in the yard. we don't usually plant until may long weekend. cry for me. lol.I hope your day does end in miller time. have a good weekend!

Becky said...

sorry, i came to sneak a peek at cool commenter from cam's blog...and had to say hello. because it's so rare that one is willing to say they hate baby showers. i hate them almost as much as i hate the modern bridal shower...which is no longer about silk and lace and embarrassing the poor girl - but is essentially the first round of gift giving. i had to buy $50 dollars worth of towels a few months ago (knowing i would have to spend money again on a wedding gift as well) when all i wanted to do was make a crass card and send some $5 edible something. alas, no. no more of that.
alrighty. i'm outta here. good luck on tilling. we've been doing the same thing for the past three weekends and have a few more to go before it's done (icccckkkk). sorry to be so long-winded for a quick hello - but you got me started on baby showers...
speaking of which - if i have to stick my nose into one more chocolate bar "poopy" diaper or suck one more plastic baby out of an ice help help everyone...

chrisk said...

I too hate baby showers, any showers for that matter. Wedding showers are almost worse than baby showers. I honestly don't care what kind of sheets someone and their future hubby are going to be snuggling on! please!!! and tea towels, yuck!!

I too had to do the "poop" sh*% game at the last baby shower. What about the word scrambles?? Do you have to have zero intelligence to be entertained by unscrambling the word diaper?? I could go on forever.

jan said...

Are there creatures of my species who actually enjoy these rituals of enforced gift giving and silliness? There must be, but they are not of my acquaintance. I am most grateful for that.

Mike Casey said...

I've never been to a baby shower personally - most people I know only do them for women. I can't say I'm compelled to go to a coed one anyway after the way you put it in your post.

-Mike of Pure Common Sense

Helpful Buckeye said...

Good luck with your sources in the Greensburg area tell me that it has been pretty dry there.

Helpful Buckeye
Flagstaff, AZ

Anonymous said...

I threw my first baby shower for my "then" daughter-in-law and I must say, it was fun!!!! In fact, I had several people call me hours, days, even a week later to tell me how much fun they had. What a success for me, my son and his "then" wife and my beautiful granddaughter, Carley.
It wasn't the normal baby shower and the bridal showers that I will have to throw in the future (for my other two sons, both engaged) will be just as fun if not better.

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