Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Toilet Paper Test

While sitting upon the throne, not the one that exists so clearly in my mind, but the porcelain one in the bathroom, I reigned supreme and thought large thoughts. What else should I do? How many times can one read the same issue of Real Simple? Note to self: change reading material in the library...

At any rate, when I finished pondering and, through my large thoughts, had solved the world's issues I reached for the toilet paper. Alas, only the paper skin remained on the tube to meet my imperious gaze. Not enough there to do more than aggravate me. Verily, We are not amused. Luckily, I easily located the necessary papers and the kingdom was returned to peace in short order.

Seems to me that the diabolical lack of toilet paper when it is urgently required is an excellently clear, concise illustration of 'needs' vs. 'wants.' The next time you're getting ready to flip open your wallet or swipe (no pun intended,) the card, get an image of that roll of toilet paper sans paper when you're expecting it to be there. Sitting all alone without a soul likely to show up to rescue you...

You'll know clearly what it feels like to really, really need something vs. simply wanting it so you feel better. Apply the toilet paper test to every encounter going forward and you'll most likely surround yourself only with what is needful. Well, all right, treat yourself every now and again to what you want; it's good for the soul. And, so say all of Us.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
The Queen, a.k.a. Holly

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