Sunday, December 14, 2008

No Entry From Me Today

As a Reiki Master Teacher I am often directed by Spirit to deliver a message. It doesn't happen during every Reiki session, but it does happen often. At first, I didn't understand; I thought that the 'ideas' or flashes of insight were generated from inside me. I would hold back thinking, "I don't have the right to say something that personal. I don't want to make them uncomfortable or to think I'm weird! What if I'm wrong??" But, when I didn't share, I'd get subsequent confirmation that 'the thought,' was actually information that would have proved very helpful.

Over time, I began to recognize the difference between a message from Spirit and my own thoughts. The only way to describe it is that, when Spirit is speaking, there's a moment of calm and then it seems as if I'm listening to the radio instead of hearing the stream of internal thoughts that we all have minute to minute.

Often, what I am directed to share makes no sense to me but does to the person. That's because the message is not for me, it's for another's benefit. I always start by explaining, "If what I share doesn't seem to hold any meaning, let it go. If you sense it does but you're not sure how, then file it away." Generally, when I give the message, I can see the immediate recognition of its truth in the eyes. I am still not always comfortable with being Spirit's voice, but I accept the responsibility and, as a Reiki practitioner, I serve as I can.

As I was thinking about posting an entry today and not sure what to write, I got the momentary calm and heard Spirit. This time, dear reader, I have no way of even knowing who this message is for, much less the context, but I trust that you are there and in need, and so does Spirit. So, this entry is courtesy of Spirit, who says:

"Trust & follow your heart."

If this resonates with you, or perhaps several of you, I am honored to be Spirit's writer as you work toward clarity in making your decision.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Eileen said...

Holly ... I'm just now getting to reading yesterday's blog and I think I can take that message to heart. As my future into the "great unknown" is getting closer and closer with each passing day until the end of December, I feel as though "trusting" in the unknown and following this path that my heart and my spirit seem to have laid out in front of me is all I have to do. Not one wit of worry will add any value to the equation. Future Here I Come!!!

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