Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas Card Acquaintances

I'm sure you have them too, the people you like very much but seldom see, maybe even never see. The ones that you simply must send a Christmas card to, despite the fact that your last contact with them was the same time last year.

They probably think of you fondly the same. When they see your writing on the envelope, they open it with a smile and think, "Gee, it's nice to hear from them again. Wonder how they're doing?" And, in all probability, they've sent a card to you because you're on their Christmas Card Acquaintance list.

Don't we meet so many wonderful people in passing, as it were? You go on vacation and connect with the couple who shared beach space with you. You meet someone at a conference and you really think so much alike that it's a pleasure to sit with them and talk. You go to a party where you meet the host's friends. Chatting with them, the night flew and the laughter rolled.

And, you hope that you'll have opportunities to be in each other's company more often, but you know realistically, that won't happen. So, during special times of the year, most particularly the holidays, you make an effort to remind them that you still think of them and hope they are well and happy.

Michael and I just got a call from one of those folks. We met Bobbi and Gary at a conference a couple of years back. Although they are older, we really enjoyed being with them. Except for an occasional email from Gary, we just make sure to send cards at Christmas.

Bobbi says that in October, Gary died. And, when my card arrived addressed to both of them, she knew she had to let us know. What a hard call for her to make. Even though she's heart broken, she was gracious enough to take the time and call. And, that's the kind of good people who become Christmas Card Acquaintances.

We'll miss Gary. He was a great guy and the idea that we won't have the chance to meet again is sad. Make sure to take the time to think of your Christmas Card Acquaintances, even if you don't actually send a card. Though the moments in each other's presence are few, the impact they've had to your life is probably significant and your memories of them are good ones.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


chrisk said...

One of my favorite blogs. I sent this link to many.

Anonymous said...

"We walk through our lives one day after the next, but every once in a while, we stumble, completely unknowingly, into places and people that will forever alter our lives and until we blindly find our way to these people and places, life has not yet begun."

Holly, I'm glad I stumbled into YOU!

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