Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Matter of Trust

We come to this earthly plain in order to grow and integrate our spirit. Being a Human Being gives us the opportunity to use our five senses in relationship to other Humans and experiences. Whatever needs to be grown, developed, or healed will encounter the opportunity to do so. Think of life as the ultimate Learning Lab.

Most of us have trust issues. Abandonment issues. Fear. Those are part of the common thread that binds us in our humanity. We come with these issues and spend the first part of life slowly recognizing that we have them. Beginning to wonder, do we need them? Becoming frustrated that they never seem to go away and life keeps confirming our instincts to remain skeptical and wary.

We spend the remaining part of our brief time here learning that life isn't handing you confirmation that it's wise to dis-trust; it's providing opportunities to begin the work of seeing it differently. Learning the differences between living and simple survival. Chances to examine and work through feelings and beliefs. To arrive at a different and integrated conclusion. To shed what is untrue, unworthy. To become blessedly whole and at peace.

It's not enough to say, "I just don't trust women and my experiences have more than confirmed that you can't." It's not enough to hold the view, "I don't trust men. You can only count on women to be there for you." That's the proposition you've come with but, it's not the truth. In order to be whole and healthy, you must continue in your quest to gain the understanding that both male & female qualities reside within you. And, even though we arrive here naturally biased to one, both need to be equally developed.

Both sides of the coin are you. You can only get the most of your spirit's legal tender when you have worked to make both halves equal and as valuable in your eyes. You are the coin of the realm.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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LynnZRae said...

I don't have words on why this blog hit something inside of me but I nodded the whole time while reading this and internalized it.

I get so frustrated when people say, "I don't trust women becuase 1 broke my heart," or "I don't trust men because 1 cheated on me." So one woman or one man is going to be your judgement base for the rest of your life? You will find you will miss out on so much and on so many good people if you let yourself fall to that way of thinking.

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