Monday, December 8, 2008

A Lack of Lights

Michael and I have been driving around in the evenings to see the Christmas lights. It's always interesting to see each home's approach to the whole decorating event. Some are meticulously designed and placed. You can imagine the home owner using a gauge marking exact spaces between each light. Next door, you're likely to see a home where, your fairly certain, mice were the decorators. Lumps of lights in odd sizes just hanging about. Just perfect for little critters to curl up in and nest through the cold. I'm sure that's not the intention or effect they were going for but...

You see the home that has only one light string to spare...what do you do with that anyway? Oh, just string it close to the door. And, the quiet homes where elderly folk might live. No going up and down ladders for them and so no lights...only a nice wreath on the front door to usher in the season.

Then there are the homes that either have children running the show, or it's one that hopes to attract children much like the witch was hoping to attract Hansel and Gretel! Lights small and large blinking in random order. Reindeer jumping. Those blow-up things everywhere. Nodding and blowing. Fake snow in plastic snow globes swirling about like it's an Arctic snowstorm. The worst part is seeing them in the morning, Santas, Reindeer, Snowmen deflated, puddled on the ground. Very disturbing sight.

What we are noticing this year on our light tours is a true lack of lights. So many homes this year, without even a wreath on the door to welcome the holidays. Dark. Nothing. What has caused the lack of feeling and anticipation? Is the pace of life too hectic and crazed so that spare minutes to decorate can't be found? Or, has life become so hard for those within those darkened doors that even the notion of putting a candle in the window is too much to manage?

Sad. And, so I'll be saying my prayers for those within the dark walls. I'll hope that the spirit of the holidays can find a crack to enter. A crack in the front doors and a crack in some hearts and minds so that it can enter and bring comfort, if not joy. And, I'll pray that if nothing can be done to salvage this season for those darkened homes, that next year this time, things will be better and the lack of light will be less. God Bless us, Everyone.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


chrisk said...

I too love looking at the lights. I hate to say it, and I include myself in this observation, that people have become too busy to put out lights, because they will have to be taken in after some time. It sounds so pathetic and I'm trying to remind myself to slow down and enjoy every bit of the holiday rather than the typical marathon of shopping, decorating, passing out gifts and clean up.

Holly said...

You're absolutely right about all that presses on our lives. I can only suggest that you base your decisions on what needs to be done on how many memories about Christmas you'll be making for your sweet little one. You and Ron are the foundation of the Spirit of Christmas Traditions for her!

chrisk said...

I did it! I put lights out last week and just love it. Thank you for the insight.

Holly said...

I'm glad you did it, too! It looks very pretty when we drive by. And, you're feeling good about being the Spirit of Christmas for your little girl which is really what it's all about! Glad to have been part of the season with you!

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