Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Pink & Pale Blue

Out my window, the dawn is attempting to come into day. Still dark, but in the east, the line of light on the mountain ridge grows. My new day is on its way. Slowly, the line turns pink; now some orange creeps in. The inky sky beginning to turn watery pale blue. I notice the tufts of pinky cloudlets hanging in the smokey blue part now.

Here in Western PA, where gray days outnumber the sunny ones, the common occurrence of the dawn becomes a miracle. So often, it is the only sunny spot in another overcast day. We have a brief glimpse of longed for sunlight as it breaks over the horizon before the cloud cover blankets us once more.

The row of towering ancient pines that stand as sentinels in the back yard look like pen and ink sketches in front of the ribbon of pink and blue. A slight dusting of frost and snow makes the wintry scene complete.

It is quiet and peaceful. Only the click of the keyboard as I write to you. Now the rush of the heat coming through the vents adds to the symphony of life in the early morning.

The recent Winter Solstice is a celebration of light. The light returning to the world. We have safely passed the shortest day of the year. Now, imperceptibly, the days will inch lighter longer toward spring.

Yuletide starts and we make merry knowing that the darkness has lost its power and hold. Life will come again and we are merry and bright over that gift.

Now the sky is more pink than blue. The dawn sky sharing beauty one can only see when willing to leave the comfort and certainty of a warm bed. I suppose it's the same in life. In order to be rewarded with awe and something out of the ordinary, we have to stretch out of our comfort zones. Like Evan is doing now in his new venture. As Michael did four years ago when moving here for professional aspirations. As I did to be with the man I love so very much. As countless others do when they trade what they know for what they hope to achieve.

In this season of miracles and lights, my wish for you this dawn is that you find what you seek. Be as the Wise Men who journeyed unknowing for years with only a new, bright star in the eastern sky to guide them. There are times when your only compass will be faith- faith that something wonderful and true is out there for you. Hold on to your dreams and be willing to listen to that small voice inside that whispers of your new dawn.

I wish you peace and the continuous beauty of your dreams and hopes. I wish you a blessed Yuletide on which to build your bank of warm memories and love. I wish you the certainty that the sun is still there even when you can't see it. I wish you pink and pale blue dawns to remind you of the uncommon beauty of your life.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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