Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On This Eve

Michael and I head out shortly to journey east. Wow, we sound like Wise Men, don't we? Except, the culmination of my journey will be back to what and who are most familiar to me. And, I will be glad to have the time with them.

During the festivities, I will be thinking of my Boy-chic who is far from home and all that is familiar. Celebrating his Christmas birthday in a new fashion. Or, perhaps, not at all. I'm sure he won't be telling anyone at basic training that his birthday is also Christmas Day. Still, we know, and we care. So, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Evan.

I wish my girl, Melissa a blessed and merry Christmas, too; along with, "I love you, Sweetie." She will be spending her day with her friends and probably Jeannie who will insist on a carrot and probably extra hay. After all, it is Christmas,especially at the barn. Nanny said that on midnight, just as the clocks are chiming in Christmas Day, the animals all around the world can speak in Human languages. If you are there with them, you might hear them speaking. It's the Christ Child's gift to them for being so generous with their manger and for keeping Him warm on the night of His birth. I used to love listening to her tell me that story. I still love that story.

To my readers, thank you for the gift of your time each visit here! You have made writing this blog so worth my creative effort. Keep me honest and on track by sending your comments and giving me ideas. I look forward to exploring the new year with you.

I take a moment to acknowledge that I am blessed and happy for so many things. Even though, this year there will be less 'stuff' for most of us to unwrap. Perhaps that's not a bad thing. In the absence of the 'stuff', we'll find ourselves concentrating on the truth of the holidays. We'll spend it, truly enjoying the comforting presence of our friends, family, and those we care about. We'll rejoice for our gifts and blessings and have time to remember those who are not as fortunate. For, it is in giving that we truly receive.

If you are journeying as we are over the next few days, please be careful and allow time to get there and home again safely. Try not to rush because you miss moments that way. No matter where you find yourself, or with whom you are surrounded; whether you find yourself solitary and quietly on your own or in the middle of a gay crowd of people, enjoy yourself and find the gift that is waiting in this sacred holiday. The true gift- The Spirit of Christmas.

God rest ye merry gentle people. Let nothing you dismay. May you have a joyous and comforting Christmas Day. And, keep a candle aglow in the windows of your hearts. The light will help us all find our way Home For The Holidays.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Eileen said...

Dear Holly and Michael ... we are here in Atlanta so half of our "family" will be together for the holiday. We all wish you well and please stay safe and enjoy each moment!

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