Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silent Sermon Sunday

Church of The Spilt Blood, St. Petersburg, Russia
photo by: Holly

This stunning beauty was destroyed by the Nazi's. It took six decades to refurbish, as the entire interior is intricate and delicate mosaic. Tiny piece by tiny piece, the glory of it was painstakingly recreated. Just as our dreams can be fashioned if we believe enough.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Toni said...

Yea, they left a trail of demolished architectural wonders in dust piles in Poland, too, and seemingly everywhere they went. A mentality I will NEVER comprehend -- imploding those things or people you deem beneath you, or threatening to you, or unknown to you. I say step up and see what you're afraid of, see what you can learn about yourself, add instead of subtract. Someone I was just reading or listening to on CD (probably Carolyn Myss) said something to the effect of 'you never leave your small safe comfort zone until you meet the very thing you're cowering from, look at it, examine it, ask, "Why am I afraid of this thing, this place, this person, when I've never encountered it before?" And then once you've done that, you can never 'go home.'

beth said...

you did it...a photo...yippee !!!
and it's beautiful !!

and now more photos...maybe ???

sema said...

beautiful photo with a message to inspire-our dreams can be fashioned if we believe enough.
I was inspired by your post on listening to create this week's affirmart card
thank you
blessings for abundance

Anonymous said...

WOW, Holly...Garry Bolan brought me back a beautiful egg with Church of the Split Blood on it. It is beautiful. This Sunday, April 19, Russia celebrated their Easter, one of our professors was over there for holy week and told me it was grand. They celebrated Branch Sunday last blessed is that?

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