Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Adjectives

If you were to stop
And consider your life,
How would you tell it?
What would you say?
What words would you use today?

If I were to stop
And consider my life,
I would say droll,
I would say wife,
Other words I would use today...

Friend, loyal, odd, thoughtful,
Complex, educated, healer,
Deep, motherless, round,
Hopeful, warrior, sparky, clever,
Organized, leader, follower.

If I were to stop
And consider my life,
I would say these things and more
I would also wonder further,
What words would you say define me today?

Namaste' Till Next Time,


LionKing said...

Protector, liferaft, chronically gorgeous, thoughtful, kind, partner in laughter and tears, inspiration, lightning rod (keeps me grounded), and on and on...

Eileen said...

patient, forgiving, gentle, expansive, outrageous, poignant, insightful, my friend

Poseur Geek said...


cinner said...

beautiful, kind, smile that lights up a room, insightful, loving,very inspiring, very funny, witty,....and i have been following for only a month and you have already touched my heart. Thankyou.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

seeker. friend. safe. observer. soulful.

luminous :)

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts: friend, boss and mentor, creative, precise, open-minded, honest, hilarious, insightful, esteemed, kind-hearted, generous, spiritual, reflective, truthful, listener.

Ribbon said...

Kaleidoscope.... a complex pattern frequently changing shapes and colours!

best wishes Ribbon :-)

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