Monday, April 20, 2009

Blog Treasures

photo by: My Dear Friend, Eileen

Oh! The wind this morning is a-blowin'! The rain is coming down sideways. I think I just saw a house with a girl wearing red shoes to die for and her dog fly by...maybe it was only a trash can...I'll check on that in a minute...

My three day garden fest with my back gardens is momentarily halted by Mother Nature who, in her infinite wisdom, has decided to lend her hand by watering everything that Michael and I planted. Blessings on you, Mother!

While I was outside wrestling leaves and other winter detritus out of the gardens...feeling like a member of a Special Ops unit liberating plants from weeds and crud, inside here in my growing blogging community, some wonderful things were blooming! And, while yes, they are about me, that's not what makes them so wonderful...what makes them so are the individuals who included me.

First were photo gifts from Eileen who runs a sweet blog about her new grandson, Simon Says. Her blog is short, sweet snippets about the wonders of being a first time Grammy aka MiMi and what that change means to her and those she loves. It'll be a good chronicle for her little guy when he's old enough to wonder about life before he could remember.

Eileen lives in Maryland and has supported me in my on-going struggle to manage my homesickness. Spring there is about three weeks ahead of us here, so she sends me pictures to remind me of the wonderful springs in The Land of Pleasant Living. She also knows that I adore she sends me purple fixes when she finds them. Hence my very first gift on today's entry.

Next gem is courtesy of Samantha, way across the pond in England. The keeper of the Goddess flame over at, the everyday witch who absolutely surprised me. Imagine going for a visit at someone's blog only to find you're being talked about and given an honor! Wow.

I'm further honored by what she had to say: "...there is only one person who I could choose to pass this award onto this week, and that is Holly. She is the type of Goddess I adore most: a proponent of the tough-love, tell-it-to-me-straight kinda wisdom, and her heart is most definitely golden. She is not afraid to tackle the thornier subjects in life, and I would pick her for my team in any fight (wars of words only, please). Holly, thanks for listening this week, and for teaching us all a bit more about it."

And, here it is...I will proudly display it, not because it is an award, but because of the reasons she wished to bestow it. Thank you, Sam, for expressing that I am all of that for you. And, I will always be listening to the things you share with me!

And now let's travel to India to meet a new acquaintance of mine, Sema, who is a textile designer and artist. Her blog, AffirmArt is full of colorful mandalas. I adore mandalas...they are complex and colorful and deeply meaningful. Her's are fresh and lovely.

A comment she left on my listening pieces read, "I was inspired by your post on listening to create this week's affirmart card. Thank you." Over I go for a visit with Sema to find this beautiful creation:

Isn't it cool?! She made that; I told you she was good! How many talented people are in this world! And, sometimes it's absolutely overwhelming when you start clicking from site to site and each time you find more people who are doing such wonderful things on their blogs.

To all of you who share your bounty and beauty, thanks is a small word to give in return. But, it's all that I have. Here at Your Mother Knows, I have only my words to share with you, although thanks to Beth, I am going to be more brave and post pictures that I take from time to time.

I think I will end now, sit with my cup of coffee and look at all these beautiful treasures that came my way this weekend. What a wonderful way to start a new week. Blessings on all of you for creating and giving so freely.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka The Listener


Eileen said...

Simon and I thank you for your shout-out and for sharing MiMi's picture. She hopes you'll be posting some of your wonderful new gardens when they come into all their glory! Also thank you for sharing your new blogging community ... love the chance to travel the world from right here at home with Simon.

Samantha said...

I'm delighted you decided to post the award, and my comments about you. Renee's Award is about spreading love, and this is the best way to do it, I think.

This is a truly lovely post today ~ a little gem of treasures. Just what I needed on a Monday. Thank you, Dear One.

Watch out for my post today ~ it's got teeth!

cinner said...

Hello Holly, glad for you. you deserve the praise and awards/ who could not love ya!I just got home and u r the first on my list of many. talk to you soon. Congratulations.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Congratulations!! Well-deserved, Queen Mother!!

(PS- I thought the same about you when I received mine. Glad to see that you were honored by Sam!)

Mel said...

Hi Holly,

I have finally made it over to your blog...I just had to see the blog behind that lovely comment-voice...*grin*..and am having a wonderful time perusing your older entries...

I absolutely Laughed Out LOUD when I read the Pagan Babies ex-m-i-l grew up in Ireland - went to school with the nuns etc. - and she used to tell similar stories only they were saving up to buy Black Babies (gasp!) and she was apparently very disappointed that she didn't actually get a *real* one as she was led to believe...*sigh*


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your latest award...good for you....

Big hug coming through the wires just for you.

Hey, where does Eileen live? In Carney, where I live, spring has yet to wake, it's been cold every morning, all of my flowers are confused, they don't know whether to go back to bed or stay up to see what's happening....even the birds are confused. Its Maryland weather at its best.

beth said...

cripes....that girl with the red shoes flying sideways in the rain....yep, I saw her here, too !

mother nature is testing us...reminding us that april can be very sneaky and right his minute, with the sideways rain...teeny tiny snow flakes...and I'm on my way to the nearest wall to start some serious head banging !!!

I was thinking about the picture thing....and you know, the self portrait challenge that misty is doing is again tomorrow for anyone who feels up to sharing a photo of themselves...ummm, maybe you want to try that ?

and those spc's can be really of your toes because you're a traveler or for you... wonderful writer that you are...maybe your hand holding your favorite pen or's really a photographic lesson in learning to love yourself and since we all love you, we want to see more of you !!!

I'm trouble aren't I ???

Toni said...

That opening photo? oooohhhhhh! I used to drape a white sheet over sucha bush, when I was 4 and 5, and sit for hours beneath in my own private traveling lilac tent.

Sam is right about you. The mandala, what a gift. I love them, always have, occasionally even make one. To inspire one, though? beyond awesome.

NEVER NEVER NEVER discount your words ... look at how THEY are blooming everywhere. 'only my words' indeed. My Queen, you and they are blessed and we all know it.

P.S. I am still enthralled by your photo from Sunday. The shapes of those turrets is something that has always resounded in me.

And, again, a strangely appropriate word verification: RATION. hmmm.

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