Friday, April 3, 2009

I Have A Note...

...from my mother excusing my absence today. Well, not really. I just have nothing in my head to share. Other than rain which is coming down pretty significantly. And, strangley enough, the landscapers showed up in this mess to continue the work we started yesterday so, I have to go.

But, there's plenty of other stuff written if you want to visit with me and my previous musings. I'd be grateful. Oh, here's one...if you want to learn more about my mother, and trust me, she was umm, interesting... read On Your Mother's Side.

Who would name a child Norma Lee? "Norma-lee, I'd say it was an odd choice..." That would be my grandmother Blanche; another wild woman. And, if her peculiar name wasn't enough, Norma named us Glenn Lee and Holly Lee. Seems to be an odd affliction of those born in the South, to name all off-spring after the great General and the Lee family. No matter that we are in no way even remotely related.

When I was little, family would sing, in a completely politically incorrect fashion in this day and age, sounding like a B Movie, in a Coolie falsetto, "Haalley Lee, Chinee Girl...."

Loved just know I did. Not. About the 38th thousand time of hearing that great joke, I simply behaved as if I didn't hear them. If you want me to respond, use my name. If you don't want me, then keep acting like a dope. We'll both be happy that way.

As if naming a kid born in July, Holly, wasn't odd enough... but that was Norma for you.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Norma's Kid


skywind said...

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soulbrush said...

came over to visit from toni's blog. what a sweet post.

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