Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mommy, Where Do I Come From?

It's too soon for our Livy to wonder the same thing all children eventually contemplate. I mean, look at her sign, she is only three glorious months old. But, I know that it's just a question of time before this child of ours wonders, "Where did I come from?"

I'm never certain what sparks that question. Is it a curious contemplation about the tactical parts of how any Human Being is created, born, and arrives on Earth? The parts that make us declare, "Icky!!," when we hear how it all happens. The mechanics of it sound horrifying when you're first told, don't they?

Or, is it the spirit beginning to become aware that it has arrived for another course of development in this Life Learning Lab?

Perhaps, a combination of both?

Or, maybe it's just the psyche's niggling need to know where it fits... to have confirmation that it 'belongs'. Is part of something. A member of the tribe. Singularly cared about and cherished.

However it comes about, our Olivia will most likely pose her questions, initially with Laura since we women seem to be the first source tapped for these deep questions. And, my Lar-Lar will consider carefully before she answers, "Well, you come from Mommy. You have my eyes. You have my pointy chin...the same chin you can see when you look at Grand Dad Glenn, and Great Aunt Holly."

She'll continue, "You have my same sunny disposition, but yours is different because you also come from Daddy. And, Daddy is after all Daddy...."

Yep, that's the answer. Olivia is a fabulous blend of the constant, sunny beauty, and depth of character of Laura. And she'll share the love of life, family, friends, value honor and loyalty, and the glory of simply being, thanks to Eric. Thanks to her Daddy.

This is Livy's fabu father. And, this picture gives you an idea why we all adore having him as part of our family. He's absolutely fun. But, in that quiet, unexpected way that really makes you hysterical when one of his pranks confirms that he's actually quite a character. Like a Scud missile....quiet, but always on target. He cracks me up!

The other reason I love Eric is that he adores both of his girls. Completely. His entire family is the center of his world. And, he's one of those men who has a magic heart. The kind that expands and expands to include more people in his love and care.

He's a cop. Sees a lot. Deals with even more. He could allow all the negative energy he deals with regularly to tarnish his view of this world. But, he doesn't allow it. Somehow, despite the daily evidence to the contrary, he realizes the beauty being alive holds. He is a gentle warrior who makes a difference every day. To all of us, certainly. But, also to the community he protects and serves.

My Dear Olivia, you come from very good energy, indeed.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Aunt Holly/Great Aunt Holly


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family and a very very lucky young lady to have GREAT Aunt Holly on her side.

I'll say a prayer for the dad for I know he wants to protect his little girl, his wife and his community...and, as we all know, is not an easy task.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Oh the light in all their eyes, Holly!! You can see the love you all share.

Blessings to those who live to serve and protect his fellow man.


Anonymous said...

I took a little time this morning to read some of your blogs. I come to you through 'Journey Wildly', one of my favorites in the whole world as I am the mother of the author. I really enjoyed what you had to say and the way you said it. We seem to have alot in common. I, too, am more interested in developing my spiritual side, realize and cherish the "little things", and trying to live the best life for me. I look forward to reading more about your life and your wonderful family.

cinner said...

What a beautiful family, You can feel all the love from your words.I think anybody would be lucky to have Great Aunt Holly in their lives. All the best.

Toni said...

I love your Livvy posts ...

Eileen said...

I just love seeing Livvy and today an extra treat to see Laura and Eric again ... my goodness it's been years. I know the joyful time they're experiencing with Livvy's "arrival" (however that happens!) & we get a peek ahead for Simon. I wish all good things for them in the years to come ... pass my love along. Simon is adopting Aunt Holly into his extended family too!

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