Saturday, April 18, 2009

Creating Caveats

Now, before we get ourselves all worked up whilst reading this blog 'o mine, let me remind us...I may or may not be crazy. And if that's the case, you may find my writings crazy or not.

Like listening, (How's that for a segue?) you get to decide that- while I can only provide further proof of your stance by what I continue to write. Note To Self: Try to confirm sanity as much as possible, but only when you're feeling sane.

Okay, listen...(Get it? I've been talking about listening for the past two days, funny, huh? Not so much? fine...) listen up!

A couple of comments you made, and now that I think about it, Michael also said something after reading the blog... have suggested stereotypes are being bandied about.

"Unacceptable! The world is too vast to be made verbally small," bellows The Queen! Stereotypes for the sake of discussion, perhaps. Opinions based on personal experience and soft research, for certain. Generalities stated? Most definitely. So there you go thinking, "Ga, that woman over at Your Mother Knows! She's such a hair splitter when it comes to words- makes my ears weary!" Maybe I am and maybe I ain't; let's examine closer.

Would you agree with me, that most often when we use the word, stereotype, we are speaking of a negative opinion, or less than flattering view, held about a certain type of individual or group? I'm thinking, yeah, that's how we use the word.

Without an emotional charge placed on it, stereotype actually means: 1: a plate cast from a printing surface, 2: something conforming to a fixed or general pattern, esp; a standardized mental picture that is held in common by members of a group and that represents an oversimplified opinion, affective attitude, or uncritical judgement (bolding mine)

Now, let's look at the word opinion which can still be an emotional landmine, but not as much as stereotype seems to be: 1: a view, judgement, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter, 2: a belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive (e.g. proven, my addition) knowledge, a generally held view.

And now, let's see what is over at generalities: 1: the quality or state of being general; total applicability.

Hmm, in this case like most, when it comes to words, our understanding is close enough, but not exact. Therein lies the problem. Close enough in our usage only to cause ruffled feathers and misunderstanding. And, that's why I attempt to be so exacting about my words. Most of the time I am, but I'm just a blog writer and sometimes I am not always as successful as I'd hope.

However, you don't really want me to be all that correct all the time. Really. What fun would that be? And, if I don't give you my thoughts on things from the perspective of what my life has larnt me, what fascination would it hold for you?

Not much at all.

When it comes to some of the really huge, large, ginormous topics I go at, a few generalized statements are bound to get made. And, you should be glad, or I'd never get to the good parts. Instead, it would have to be a dissertation with foot notes...BORING.

That said, I feel it should be occasionally re-stated, especially for new readers who don't know me personally, that you have a guarantee here at Your Mother Knows:

While there will be times when I am specifically droll and sarcastic about a topic, I will never talk about a Human Being in a negative or judging way. That's not my job as a blogger or as a spirit in development. I will absolutely give you my honest opinion and thoughts...but it will never be at the expense of another. That's just not my style. I do not believe women to be superior to men in life issues. I do not think men are superior to women in life issues. I believe both have skills and talents that are vitally necessary to any situation. I believe there is fun in examining the differences. I believe there's value in considering how we operate differently.

I can't promise that I won't go on a rant from time to time, hell I even have a label called, Rants! I most certainly will when something or someone tweaks my last living nerve. I don't say that I won't write things that are a bit flip and get you all charged up so that you simply MUST leave me a comment. That's Fab! I love that. I adore it when you challenge me...make me reconsider my vast storehouse of acquired wisdom! (Yes, that was sarcasm just then,) but really, this blog wouldn't be near as meaningful or fun without you there to share your views with me.

I learn new thoughts because of what I post and what you shoot back after you read it. Thank you!

So, if you hear stereotypes here at Your Mother Knows, well that's just fine by me, because as you can see, there's no negative charge to a stereotype unless you put it there.

It's a beautiful day; class dismissed!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Wordsmith


Ribbon said...

Hi Holly...
Sharing is a path to clarity... well it works for me.
I find that when I share my thoughts and ideas it helps me to become clearer about what I think and believe.... I guess that's a big part of the reason why we share.
Happy Blogging..

best wishes Ribbon

PS rant away... it's your blog and you can if you want to :-)

beth said...

I'm so glad to know that I can use "stereotype" and that it doesn't have to be a negative comment...who knew ?

although anything "stereotypical" about a man, when you're talking to a man, will be taken negatively...cripes, they are so sensitive!!!... and sometimes not nearly as much fun as they think they are!!!

Eileen said...

Teacher, Teacher, it's me over here with my hand up ... thanks for the remedial class on vocabulary ... we all get a little confused and forget to go to the world's best resource ... the dictionary when we want to be clear on word usage! You keep us reading, ruminating, thinking and sharing. We need that reminder so thanks!

Cam@Journey Wildly said...

Yes, Ma'am...

Have a gorgeous Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

I would say one of the most underused phrases would have to be, "Let's review, shall we?" Or, "Tell me what I just said so we both know." In my most pleasant, non-sarcastic voice, of course. That way we understand, or make clear what we don't understand. I'm going to have to say that more often.
I hope you had a beautiful day!

Toni said...

great post, edifying and clarifying ... I think 'stereotypes' are subjective -- you put one out, with one connotation, someone else, say me? sees it and has a completely different connotation. Hence cometh dialogue. Love that part. It's your blog, my Queen ... don't forget it. I come here cuz I love the way YOU think, not cuz I want my own thoughts mirrored back to me. What you say wakes up my lazy thinking, or my right-on thinking, or my I-never-thought-of-that thinking. I love what 'Ribbon' says, too -- that in writing, our own beliefs become more formed, more defined.

Anonymous said...

You know, reading someone's blog is like reading a might not agree with everything that is written but, that's just your boring would this world be if everyone had the same opinion, the same point of view? I love your blog, I love all the blogs that I have decided to follow and when I don't, I just don't follow's not the person blogging, it's's my opinion. I would never leave anyone a negative comment, that's just NOT me. If I don’t like what I’m reading, I don’t read it.

Enjoy the week; I think spring has finally arrived...

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