Monday, January 26, 2009

Two Dog Night

I woke up with zero enthusiasm today. Almost no energy. I have some, which I'm expending right now to talk with you. Not sure what I'll use for the rest of the day I know will feel like it is centuries, not hours, long. Don't know why...I got a good night's sleep. I think I did...

The Scotties certainly get a good night's sleep. They don't let the two full-sized Humans in the bed keep them from getting all the sleep they demand. Nope, not them. And, although it's a king-sized bed that should be more than enough room for two small dogs and two regular Humans, I'm not convinced anymore. Rory & Fiona think so; Michael and I would argue that.

How is it that we don't sleep in the bed that we paid for as well as do our two free-loadin' dogs? Because we can't. The Scotties don't allow it. Simply don't. They pick the prime spots in the bed, which really shouldn't be big spots; they're only about 16 pounds each! Despite where we pick them up and place them for our comfort, they morph into the space they prefer. Refusing to sleep with their bodies in a north to south position, they prefer to sleep horizontally across the bed. And, in the middle of the night they shape shift into Great Danes. That means Michael and I through the course of the night, unconscious, get inched closer and closer to the edge of the bed.

Or, looking for warmth, the dogs mash up against you. Sometimes evil in their attempts to hold you pinned unmoving for hours in one place. One behind you, one curled in front of you. Oh, you'll hear snores of contentment...but they won't be yours. When I wake up in the morning, precariously perched on the extreme edge of the bed while the rest is taken over by canines, can I tell you?

Ah, the absolute glories of pack living...

Ask anyone who has a pet, cat or dog, if the same thing doesn't happen most nights in their bedroom. Why do we do it??? I'm not able to answer that. No more than I can explain why an animal simply adores the chance to sleep in the big bed with you. They don't care how hot it gets, they want to be there with you. Frigid weather finds them curled tightly against you.

But, you know? You miss it when you're away from home. Well, not right away. At first you're almost giddy from the luxury of being able to sprawl any way you want! But in a few days you realize that the divinely big bed that's all yours begins to seem odd. And, when it's their time for the last farewell, getting into bed without them brings tears. You ache to hear their noises as they settle in for the night. Heartbreaking. Two friends of mine are going through that at the moment. Jan is missing her Wally. Ronda is feeling lost without Presley. Indeed, The King has left the building... this time taking Ronda's heart. I've been there. I understand.

So, I'll just have to take it slowly, I suppose. I really have no energy and enthusiasm for the day. The Scotties, you'll be glad to hear, at this moment are cheerfully ripping up the stairs. They have boundless energy. I guess they got a good night's sleep. I must admit, even feeling as I do right now, I wouldn't have it any other way.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Eileen said...

I have already admitted this and I repeat, I know that I am animal-challenged, so it is good for me to read this and accept it to be true for you and millions of others who do not get the shivers imagining a night like that.

Holly said...

Eileen, I'm actually glad you don't like animals. It's the only failing of yours that I can tell. And, having at least one makes you more likely to be Human like the rest of us! *giggle*

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