Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blink of An Eye

Have you seen this girl? I saw her just the other day...she's a sophomore at Towson State. She's working student registration which is where this picture was taken. And, she's about to take on two additional campus jobs to help pay for school. Her family just moved from Howard Street to their new home south of Towson in a really cool neighborhood called Rodgers Forge.

Nixon has resigned; he was not a nice man and good riddance. The gas "shortage" has been resolved. It was a hoax and not real. Her brother, Glenn, is a Merchant Marine Officer sailing for Texaco. He should know the facts; gasoline was held at the terminals until the oil companies got the price they wanted for the gas. Now coffee has gone sky high and people are protesting by not buying. Everyone's sure that coffee prices will come back down, but the price of gas sure won't.

She doesn't drive...doesn't own a car. Takes the bus to school. Or, walks. If she's lucky her new friend, Karen Andreone, will whizz by in her Beetle and give her a lift. She really appreciates that.

One morning her crazy dog, McKeever, got out the door behind her. She was running late and fumed, "I don't need this crap from you!!!" She got on the bus yelling, "Go home!" She noticed her Cairn Terrier running like mad behind the bus trying to catch up. Hysterical, she pulled the bell cord to alert the driver she needed to get off and raced just in time to keep him from getting hit by a car. Missed morning classes that day, but saved her first dog's life. She loves that damned dog; her father bought him as a surprise graduation gift for her. McKeever adores her. He sleeps curled next to her each night. They'll have 15 years together.

She's not doing that great scholastically at T.S.U. She's used to the attention she got from her teachers at Seton High. Everyone knew everyone. At Towson, she's known only by a social security number which she just recently memorized. The scholastic excellence will come along, I'm sure. A Master's degree is definitely in her future...but not immediately. For now, she's doing great with the social aspects of college. That part, she took to like a duck to water!

Recently, she changed her major from Theatre to Mass Communications. It was a hard choice, but she figured becoming a successful actor is as likely as being struck by lightning. And, being a starving artist holds no appeal. So, perhaps media work might have more possibility. And, that's how she meets Michael Duggan, the wild Irishman with major attitude and beautiful eyes. He's a member of the television crew, which is her other campus job. Doog, she believes, hung the moon and completely captures her heart. Although, the relationship will be on again, off again. She'll date other interesting guys and have great moments with them. She'll learn a great deal from each experience.

She's also just met Pammy. In an acting class. Pammy hated her at first, admittedly for no reason. But one morning, they got to talking while waiting in the hall for class to start and it all changed from there. They become Best Friends. Pam moves in the next year or so to Washington State. She never does move back to Maryland. None of that effects the bond; years later, even without the benefit of seeing each other often, they remain Best Friends. Pretty amazing and a remarkable gift.

Have you seen this girl? Maybe I should ask the guy who took this picture. They became close friends. His name is Coke. Well, it's actually Constantine Hagepanos. But, who wants to say all of those syllables? He says he was in third grade before he could absolutely spell his name without mistakes...I can believe that. He and she remain dear friends sharing life experiences. He keeps his artistic aesthetic, but works with numbers. Earns a Master's degree in Tax Law & Accounting...and he's very, very good at what he does.

Have you seen this girl? She's busy and hardly ever home. It's hard to keep track of her. But, I swear I saw her just a few days ago.

When I look in the mirror I see I've traveled miles and years. But, I feel as if all those things just happened. Not long ago. In the face that peers back at me, I see traces of that pretty girl with the long dark hair and sad eyes. But, only traces... I stop and consider the mystery of this journey. It goes by in the blink of an eye. One unassuming breath at a time.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Alissa said...

Pammy is my mommy and I love her!



Holly said...

Alissa Jess!
How nice to know you read my blog! Are you going to become a follower? It's great to hear from you A.J.!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't see the sad eyes rather a happy and beautiful young woman who is continuing her education to better herself and the world. Good for you and all the people you touch (including myself)
Miss you Holly Dietor!

Eileen said...

I do not know how in the world I missed this one way back in January but I just found it today and I love it ... oh the truth of it all ... blink of an eye! Love the old you, love the new you, look forward to the you to come!

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