Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sticks & Stones

Strumpet. Tart. Trollop. Loose. Fast. Slattern. Whore. Slut. Nice, huh? These are words that have been assigned to women courageous enough to know themselves. Those who are sexually aware. Interesting that we have so many uncomplimentary words for women who are sexual beings comfortable in their own skin.

Now, let's list the adjectives that describe sexually active males.... oh wait, there aren't any. Fascinating.

In times long gone, through wars and conquests, society shifted from matriarchal to patriarchal. For women, that's when life changed from a world where they directed their destinies and made choices, to one where they became a commodity. That's when it shifted from a world that honored the divine feminine, to one where virginity became the prize that brought the most money. That's when names like those became weapons to hold them prisoner.

That's when we lost the joy in our sexual nature. And, lost the freedom to make choices about the partners who interested us. When we lost the willingness to learn all we wanted about the glories of our sensual nature and what wonders we are. When we stopped learning how our bodies work and the instruments of pleasure they are. When we stopped seeing sex as a gift we bestow on our beloved.

In response to being held hostage, women started using sex as a weapon. As the only weapon at our disposal. Mothers taught daughters how to use it. We learned to withhold it. We learned that we can dole it out in barter for something we want. We learned that we can be cruel- as we were taught cruelty. The glory of sex became the battle of sex.

We learned that we could be ostracized if we didn't conform and become chaste. We learned to think of sex as a duty that one pays for the comforts of civilization and a mate. We learned to control our mates with it. Sex for the sheer pleasure of it became almost obsolete. Sex was driven underground.

Sex became only for procreation and no longer the sacred tool that deepens and strengthens the bond between mates. But, the natural desire for sex wasn't eliminated. Even though the loss of the ease and comfort it brings most certainly was. Spontaneity was lost. The mystery turned into something dirty, illicit. A topic to be ignored.

All of this happened to control females. All of these names were created to keep us in bondage. To make us less-than. To ignore a major part of the beauty of life. To remain cut off from our true nature and power. To be in internal struggle with ourselves and our mates. Worse still, women came to use these words on other women. Jealous of other women who wouldn't yield, who continued to be sensual and responsive.

All of this happened long ago. And, while not easily understood now, those ideas of sex and being sexually active still carry through our lives. Shouldn't we question these things? Shouldn't we shed notions that no longer serve us? Shouldn't we love the natural power of being a sexual being? Shouldn't we all, male and female, strive to bring back the Divine Feminine?

Isn't it time for women to know that sticks and stones may break our bones, but names can never hurt us?

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Samantha said...

Hooray for Holly! Wish I'd read these at the time, though it's just before I started up my Blog ~ but I hadn't realized what a great job you've been doing in serving the Divine Feminine Flame.
I am 100% certain that you are fantastic.

spottedwolf said...

well of course its time and the lotus symbol represented thus in the 60s. However...this is a long convoluted arena of ingrained experience and won't heal overnight by any easy will take time and major shifts in the paradigm. Power wasn't no was given away.

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