Sunday, January 11, 2009

Starting A New Week

I read this quote today and I think it's perfect to remember as we go through this upcoming week: Your smile can bring happiness to someone...even if the person doesn't like you.

Smile. Such a simple thing to do. Let's try an experiment. Smile at people as often as you can. Share the reactions you get here on the blog. And, I'm not saying do that cheesy grin thingy we do at times. I mean offer your genuine goodness in your smile. Smile with your eyes. When you answer the phone, a second before you begin to speak, think, "Smile!" See if it doesn't positively change how you sound.

Smile. This isn't so someone who thinks they don't like you becomes your best friend. Let them be entitled to their opinion. Or tied to its weight. But, smile to liberate yourself from caring so much what they think. Smile to lighten your daily load. Smile to push fear and worry away even for the split second it takes. Lift up your being, just as a smile lifts up the corners of your mouth.

Smile. The week awaits.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Anonymous said...

A dear friend and an exboss of mine once told me this:

A Korean proverb says,
"Nobody can spit on a smiling face."

I practice this all of the time...and, it works!

I always have a smile for you Holly!

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