Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a Religion...

I grew up with the Colts...the real ones. Not the ones that now live in another state. Taking nothing away from Mr. Manning and the boys in Indianapolis, I like them, but they're not the Colts of Baltimore. Johnny Unitas and other team mates used to dine in our restaurant. Mr. Unitas was a quiet, polite man who always had time for an autograph or a word from an adoring fan. Arty Donovan once told my father who used to love to tease him, "You outta' be glad you're crippled, you little bastard, or I'd have to kill ya!"

When the Mayflower trucks stole out in the middle of the night, along with all the parts of the franchise they took, they also made away with my love of the game. Since then I don't much care one way or the other. And, while I was delighted that Baltimore got a team again, I didn't really get invested in the Ravens. Still, your team is your team and you always want them to win. And, they wear purple! That's always a plus in my eyes.

And, then I moved here. Oh, my god! Can I tell you that rooting for the home team takes on a completely different meaning here? It's not just hoping your team's a religion here. A way of life. the only excitement for towns that were ruined by the closing of industries, loss of can drive through areas that are dark, dismal, no signs of life, but still you'll see Steeler flags and other bits of team spirit. The one bright spot in an otherwise bleak existence.

In Pittsburgh, unlike the rest of the world that has four seasons, there are only two. It's either Steeler Season or Waiting For Steeler Season.

So, while I feel a wee bit conflicted today as the Ravens get ready to level their best against the home team...I have to let you know, we'll have Evan's Steeler jersey laid out on the sofa while Michael and I wear ours. We'll even have Rory & Fiona dressed in Steeler shirts!

I know, I know...for those back home, you'll think I've gone over to the dark side. Perhaps I have. All I know is that the Steelers bring passion and joy to so many, that I can't say it's wrong to hope the Black & Gold makes it to the big show once more. And, even better if they can be the first team to have six Super Bowl wins. Now, that's a lot of bling on fingers, I'd say!

In this case, because of where I come from and where I now live, I can honestly say, "May the best team win." But, while purple is my favorite I'll have to forsake it. It's the black and gold that hold my hopes. Mine, and the thousands of others who live here in Western PA.

Go Steelers! 2009 AFC Champions!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


melissa said...

Holy Crap...we got you!!!

Always good to have the WSM on your side...


jkc said...

You have put Steeler mania in a new light for me!

Anonymous said...

HEY! I won again!!!!
This time I won $100.
Though I'm from Baltimore and never left and I really don't like football to begin with, I picked the team that I thought would be superior and the Steelers came through for me again. And, I must say, Baltimore fans are poor losers...hahaha! I had to high five myself since I was the only one for the Steelers. I put money on them the last time they played the Ravens and they came through for me then and did it again on Sunday. 10 and 43 are now my favorite numbers and during Superbowl, I'm doubling the money and hoping for a win!!!!!

Go Steelers!!! Black and Gold all the way!

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