Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Gathering

Why do we gather here? Every four years in the frigid temperatures, why do we stamp our feet in the cold and shiver to catch a glimpse? Why do we brave the crowds? Why do we wait for hours for what we hope will be a sight?

Why do we gather here? In the Capital of the United States. Among these impressive buildings that stand as monuments to an ideal.

Why do we stand by with a catch of emotion in our throats? With hopes laid bare. Prayers whispered. Why do we gather and stand shoulder to shoulder with others we do not know and are likely never to see again?

Why do we gather here to watch a man, we do not personally know, place his hand on a bible? To hear him utter an oath to protect, defend, and guide? As his family, who supports him in his efforts and daily life, stands close while he does. Does he pin as much hope to his words this day as we do? And, are we willing to help bear the heavy weight of the responsibility he takes on?

Why do we gather here every four years? Because we are citizens of the greatest country in the world. Because we act as witness to the miracle of the peaceful passing of power to a new leader. Only the 44th link in a chain that connects this grand experiment to its inception. We come to feel the mystery of democracy in action. We come to be part of the challenge of democracy. We come because it is more than a privilege; it is our birth right. We gather because, as no place else on earth, we can.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Eileen said...

Holly, if I could share your words with all 2 million people who were the "gatherers" in DC yesterday I think there'd be consensus that you captured it so well ... and all the way from Greensburg, PA. The respect of one and all was palpable in the air . I give props to the organizers and volunteers for the day. Very impressive efforts and good will was extended and encouraged! What an honor to our nation that we had such a day!

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