Friday, January 23, 2009

Grand Trumps Great!

One of the things I love best to do in the whole world, is make introductions for people who I believe will really enjoy each other's company. Or can help each other scholastically or professionally. And, while I've never made a love match for two folks, I sure would like to do it. I must have been a Matchmaker in a previous life...perhaps several.

I simply love it when like minds find each other and I was able to be part of that. So, I guess that's what I'd like to do with our brand new sweet Olivia. I know, she's really too small to worry about meeting a man, but there's this new guy who's just moved into the area. His name is Simon and he loves to wear hats. Knowing his family, I know he comes from great stock. His father is strong but quiet and very steady and loving. His mom is an adorable woman who is good with numbers, strong sense of family and loves fun.

So, Olivia, please meet Simon! He's the newest member of our extended clan. Simon Charles Racicot, arrivied on 1-22-09, at 7:22am. He's here five weeks sooner than we expected which might mean he's a lot like his quick twitch grand father Charlie! If so, oh my, be ready folks! But, Livvy, as it relates to you, I'm sure he won't mind that you've had a few weeks more to get to know Earth. He may even prefer older women!

Congratulations Elija and Kim; you'll be wonderful parents and guides. And, congratulations to my girl friend Eileen. Who is now Grand, just as I was made Great. She's always been grand in my eyes. You've heard me talk a lot about her and you've also read her comments here about what I write. You've also read how I feel about her husband, Charlie who, while no longer physically here with us, is equally proud of their youngest daughter's new endeavor.

Eileen's been prompted by this new guy to start a blog of her own called, very appropriately, "Simon Says" and you can read all about the adventures of Simon and his MiMi as Eileen will be affectionately known.

Look for her continued shared wisdom here on this blog. And, follow her at so you can read an account of a burgeoning love affair between my friend and the new man in her life. Congratulations to my Mross family and welcome to the world, Simon. I'm perfectly positive you'll find that Simon Says quite a lot as the days go along.

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Eileen said...

Holly ... I would love to be able to say all that this means as I read and re-read this dear message ... it's hard to see the keys through all my happy tears! You're a wonderful friend and I am continually blessed. Thank you for your welcoming words for Simon and I hope we can get those two little sweet babies together on the same playmat soon!

Oma said...

Okay! Wait a minute - hold on there! These important decisions should not be made without consulting Oma & Pop Pop, please!

Holly said...

Okay, Oma! So, if you read the entry, Finally I'm Great, you'll be able to see and read why I'm pretty surethat Olivia and Simon would be great together! Congratulations to both you and Pop Pop. I hope you'll follow my blog along with Eileen!

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