Thursday, January 15, 2009

No's To Know

I am always too hot. So, if I think it's cold, it's too damn cold. So cold that my brain won't even think. Which means not much from me today. While I wait for my thoughts to thaw so I can write something intelligent, I'm simply going to list all the "No's" I think are important and that you should know. Starting with answers to ubiquitous weather questions:

-No, I don't think it's cold enough for me, but thanks for asking...

-No, I really don't believe a witch's tata is a fair comparison for cold...

-No, it doesn't make me feel better that at least I'm not living in Antarctica. All things are relative.

-An informed 'No,' is a good, if not better, answer than an uninformed, "Yes." When the best answer to give is 'No,' give it. When the best answer to hear is, 'No,' accept it and move on.

-Use, 'No,' wisely.

-No and anger generally do not mix. For the same reason one keeps nitro and glycerin separated until ready for an explosion.

-There are no stupid questions; just people too stupid or stubborn to ask.

-No attempts are too small, so long as they are genuine.

-No job is too small or insignificant. If it needs to be done, do it.

-Nothing from nothing leaves nothing- Billy Preston

-No business like show business? This gives new meaning to multi-tasking...along with everything else I have to do, I act every day at the office!

-There is no time like the present. Make it count.

-No one loves you more than you can love yourself. Start practicing.

-No person should go to bed feeling unappreciated. Always say, 'Thank you.'

-No. But, thank you for offering.

-It's, 'No Sir and No Ma'am,'...Where have our manners gone?

-No whining!!!

-No way!

-No fear.

-No worry; it's a waste of your precious energy.

-No regrets.

-No one is better than you; you are unique and wonderful just as you were made to be...

-'No,' is a complete sentence. (This is my new favorite shared by JoLou. Thanks Jo!)

No warm-up in sight. Colder tomorrow. Even so, we're one day closer to spring!

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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Anonymous said...

" man is useless while he has a friend."
Robert Louis Stevenson

I caught up, now I'm off until Tuesday and will be behind again.

I miss your blog when I'm away, Keep up the good work.

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