Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Moment of Truth & Beauty

Yesterday, I raced in the door at T.K. Salon for my standing every four week haircut and chat with Noelle, my wonderful stylist.  Each month I walk in looking like I have a shrub on top my head and walk out looking like a Human Being with an individual sense of style.

My short, bed head hair and the fact that I've decided to embrace my white/silver color is not the choice most or many would make.  But, it is me.  And, well, for me it works.  As far as I'm concerned, a good stylist is nothing short of a miracle worker.  A visit with Noelle means that at least a few minutes each month, I feel better about mySelf.  A few minutes when I think I can still see that I was pretty.

In my hurry to catch up on the bits of news since my last visit, it barely registered that there was an elderly woman getting her hair washed while Noelle and I chatted.  I smiled at the other people there, but didn't pay close attention, save that it is rare to see an elderly woman at the shop.  I sat in Noelle's chair and my cut commenced.

The older woman was now seated next to me having an ongoing conversation with her daughter with an occasional comment to the stylist.  Daughter said, looking up from her magazine, "Mom, Danielle Steel has a new book out, have you read it?"  Mom replied, "No, I haven't even caught up with the last two she wrote.  Why don't you buy them for me?"

Daughter replies, "Mom, I don't even know the titles of her last two books!"  And then a bit later, "Mom, you should use some product in your hair that will help you keep up with this new do of yours!"

Mom to Daughter, "Okay, (side comment to the stylist, "I assume you sell that stuff here?" Affirmative nod from the stylist,) you buy it from Theresa here and I'll use it."

Noelle and I looked at each other via the mirror and both smiled.  Mom is no slouch!  Not going to use here money on frivolity, but if Daughter with her bright ideas wants to contribute, out standing! Go Mom!

It was a few moments later that we heard the first exclamation that stopped our chat, "Oh Theresa! Look at it!  Oh look!"  Noelle looked over and smiled.  The old girl was smiling really huge looking at herSelf in the mirror.  I said very quietly, "Wow, she really seems to like it!"  and Noelle smiling said, "Yes!  It's so wonderful when that happens."

A little while later the New Old Girl said to her daughter, "Karen!  Just look!  Isn't it wonderful?!  Oh!"  Major affirmation from her daughter, "Yes indeed, Mom, you look beautiful!  Great job, Theresa!"

It occured to me that I was paying witness to one of those rare moments of Beautiful Truth.  The moment when we see the truth of who we are, when we can stand in agreement with ourSelf instead of picking at our faults; or accepting with a sigh the things we so dislike about ourSelf.  The moment when we feel, PRETTY!  A moment when we can actually see what others see!  A moment of positive affirmation.

That  rare sort of feeling is contagious.  Everyone around gets to remember that possibility.  That joy. That beautiful truth.  The moment when we do more than accept our shortcomings or the things about ourSelf that we don't like but have learned to live with.  A moment when we actually see ourSelf in the mirror instead of glancing to make sure we don't have spinach in our teeth and then quickly away because we are disappointed in the reflection.

A divine moment when the authentic beauty that is inside spills out so you can see I AM!

Noelle said, "That right there is why we do this job.  The chance to make every person who sits down feel better.  To feel pretty!  But that doesn't come very often so they're special when they do."  We sat quietly as we realized that the woman was hugging Theresa and even crying.  She repeated, "Oh look at the color!  It's perfect.  Theresa, it's just perfect!  Not bad at all for an 80 year old gal!"  We all totally agreed.

When I got up to leave, I passed her and said, "You really look so pretty.  Can I give you a hug because you made my day!"  She put up her arms and we embraced.  "Thank you," I whispered, "I'm so glad I was here today."

I met up with her daughter paying at the counter.  I said, "I am so happy for her.  And Theresa, how wonderful for you to have this moment.  You gave her the chance to remember that she isbeautiful!" Her daughter, all smiles said, "I know, it's really something isn't it?!"  I nodded.

It certainly is.  A moment of beautiful truth.  We are never too old to be reminded.  Never too young to wonder.

May you find your moment of Beautiful Truth.  Even if it is for the briefest of moments.  May you be reminded how beautiful a creation you truly are.  Because, trust me, we all can see that about you every time we look at you.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Went For a Haircut But Got So Much More


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Hi Holly, I always think you are beautiful - and I don't really know what you look like, even thought I've seen you several times. My soul sees your soul and they love each other!!

Love and Hugs,

Joanna Jenkins said...

Hi Holly-- This made me so happy and happy that you witnessed it to share with us.

My niece recently graduated from cosmetology school and is studying to become a hair stylist who makes people feel beautiful too. I'm sending her a link to your post.

I hope you are good and not freezing like the weather reports says. And I hope you'll have family and loved ones gathered around you for Thanksgiving. Wish I could be there too.

xoxo jj

Anonymous said...

Hi Holly, You are always beautiful to me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful encounter with us. My heart was lifted!

Vicki M.

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