Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Few Precious Moments

I haven't been ignoring you. I'm still very much here. It's just that my days are taken up following this intrepid wee one around and making sure that Rory and Fiona don't stuff him in the dust bin.

Argyle has taken over the house; much like any new baby seems to do. And, much to the dismay of the orderly routine that all here had established. But, each day I see progress. Tiny steps to match his tiny paws.

While he catches a few minutes to re-charge his devilment tank, I want to use the time and make certain to wish all of us a Happy New Year. Truly, I do.

I don't make resolutions anymore. Well, let me take that back, I do make only one resolution: I resolve to stay open to the possibility of all that a year might bring me. That's the best that I can do.

But, I do make wishes and hopes for all that I know and love, so for you, I hope:

May you find the 'old' in the new
Hold those well loved, close to you.
May you find grace to say, 'Amen'
If times seem difficult, you'll know when.
May you always laugh and smile
And remember to rest awhile.
May you find the comfort in tears
When sad times appear.
May you learn to greet each new day
With expectations of good your way.
May you love, and like, and grow
And remember that Spirit loves you so.
May your wisdom grow through your living
And our world expand through your giving.
May others brighten your life's course
As you live in Light with no remorse.

Happy New Year and may this one bring so much more than you expected and bring with it the grace to live in hope and expectation of loving all of our lives, the salty and the sweet. See you all next year!

Namaste' Till Next Time,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Out of the Dark and Into The Light

It is Yule. The longest night and shortest day. The time to bring light into your home to scatter the dark spaces and places. A time to illuminate the dark corners of our thinking. To scatter our fears and concerns.

Tomorrow, the day grows by seconds and the night shrinks by those same seconds. The scales begin to tip into our favor of longer light and less dark. Tonight begins the New Year.

If you don't have a Yule log, that's all right, simply light a candle and watch the flame. Set your mind to the quiet of it and remember the gifts you have been given, and those who are still here to love you. Remember and smile at the ones who you love who left this life as well. They are still part of you even though it is now in a different way. Most likely you will feel them closer tonight as you do.

Being thankful for all you have and have experienced, opens the door to the new and sets the stage for good things to come to you in full measure.

I am grateful for the gift of love we have shared this year. See you in the New Year! A blessed Yuletide to you and yours!!

"See the blazing Yule before us...quickly now the old year passes...Fa La La La, La La La La!"

Namaste' Till Next Time,

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Small Gift

You have to click on this image to get the full impact of it. When Michael and I were driving around in a neighborhood, we came across this tree in a corner lot. This is a tree that one individual took hours to complete. There were no wires that could be seen. I can't imagine how many thousands of lights this is...or how much patience it took to do this.

And, it was done to bring a smile and an "Ohhh!" of holiday magic to anyone who drives by. Freely given to all.

I do not know the people who did this, just that I'm glad that I happened upon the gift, sitting out in the yard, free for the taking.

Thank you, Sir, for your gift of light. The image that makes this year's holiday for me.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Amazed

Monday, December 5, 2011

What Child Is This?

This is my Nativity village. Please, click on the image to see it larger so you can enjoy all the people who live there. When I was about six or seven years old, Nanny The World's Meanest Woman, took me downtown during the Christmas season. She was on a very specific mission that trip.

She had decided that I should have a Creche. She didn't tell me what she had in mind until we got to the floor where there was a huge array of Nativity scenes all clustered together. Some were large, some very small. Some were simple and others grand. All brightly colored. The figures of some looked like works of art. I was amazed by all the people and all the baby Jesus and Marys and Josephs and shepherds and wise men. It was a sight and all these years later, I can still remember it clearly.

Nanny and I walked slowly, stopping to admire the figurines. When we got through all of them, it was then that she announced that she wanted to buy one for me. I could pick whichever one I wanted. Her only wish was that I pick one made in Italy, of course. I was absolutely thrilled; then I was overwhelmed. So many pretty ones to pick from. I took quite awhile deciding.

I finally rested on the manger with the deep blue background and the gold figurines. They seemed so rich and regal. I liked that they were different from all the other brightly painted ones. The angel watching over the baby was tall and stately. The baby's face was sweet and Mary seemed beautiful to me. A face that I imagined my Mother's might be, or hoped. I was still young enough to dream that my Mom would come home and we would meet.

We wrapped it up and took it home. I was thrilled to show Daddy. We put it under the Christmas tree and I remember sitting and gazing at it. It wasn't until the next Christmas, that I realized that my set didn't have any shepherds with it; just the three wise men! That was a bit disappointing. After all, it was the shepherds who welcomed the new baby; the wise men didn't get there until three years after!

Over the years, I rectified that shortage by purchasing town's people and shepherds and animals to come and question, "What Child is this?" And each Christmas season, I looked at it with new eyes as I unpacked the pieces and set it up in a major spot of each of my homes. Each Christmas Eve when the clock struck midnight clear, I placed the Baby Jesus between Mary and Joseph and stopped to offer a prayer to the season and whisper my wishes for the year to come.

And, that Nativity has been part of all the Christmas Eves that Laura and Sean and all my friends and family shared in my home over the years.

Now that Laura has Livy and Ava, I decided it is time to pass it to her so she and her girls can have it as part of their Christmas traditions. So, I packed it all up and when we were down to visit a week or so ago I gave it to her, telling the story of Nanny taking me to pick it out. She was delighted and said, "Livy will love this, Aunt Holly! Are you sure you want to give this to us now? Don't you want to keep it?"

And, the answer is yes; yes, I want to keep it. It's been part of Christmas for the past 50 years! But more than wanting to keep it, is the feeling of happiness I get when I think of Livy and Ava helping Laura unwrap the pieces and setting it up in their home. I've always known I was going to give it to Laura...and it seemed a good time, this year I am 56, to do it now.

But, as much as I might feel a twinge at having passed it along to my beloved girl and her girls, I won't feel sad. Because the trick of living life well is to learn to find the new in the old. And the need to begin new customs that turn into traditions. And, that's what Michael and I are doing as we experience each passing Christmas with each other.

So, this is my nativity now. Simple and serene. With only the central figures from the story to remind me of the beauty of the season. Michael and I picked it together and the crystal stars, one for each Christmas we've shared, glitter over their heads.

The representation is different, but the Child is the same. The story still has deep meaning. And, now as I build memories with My Lion, I know that another important part of my Christmas past will continue through Laura, Eric, Livy, and Ava.

After all, that's really the meaning of the season, isn't it?

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Louisa Dituri's grand daughter, aka Great Aunt Holly

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Silent Sermon Sunday

In the peace of the night, the owls called.
The sign that winter is here once again.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Swear I Didn't Peek!

I already know what I'm getting for Christmas, but I swear I didn't peek and go searching for the box.

I already know because my Christmas gift is also my 5th anniversary gift. It is too big to be just for one special occassion. And, I had to agree that I wanted the present before Michael finalized his surprise.

Because, well, after all, I will have to work hard to keep it in good working order. And, well, My Lion just wanted to make certain I would be totally delighted. And, it's one of the most surprising and wonderful gifts I've gotten since, well, since he surprised me with my diamond engagement ring on New Years Day six years ago!

Want to see it? Okay...

I am pleased to introduce Argyle MacPiper, my new brindle Scottie! He is one of the Rocky Creek Scotties and Holly's brother. I am so thrilled and I can't wait until we pick him up later this month. I'm not sure how Rory and Fiona will like this notion, but I know it will all work out.

Don't be surprised if Fiona renames him, Stuffie...

Namaste' Till Next Time,
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