Monday, February 16, 2009

Planes & Buses

All the Frocks are traveling today. We head back to the place we call home; back to temps in the 20's and the consistent threat of snow. Still, we'll be happy when we see Rory & Fiona. Those two sound as though they have really enjoyed their vacation with Aunt Cindy and Uncle Al. It might be that they'll prefer to stay! I'll hope not. I've missed my dogs.

While we are waiting to head to the air, Airman Frock is facing an eight hour bus ride courtesy of the Air Force to his tech training in Wichita Falls. That's as far to the Texas border as you can get before falling over into Oklahoma.

Yesterday, we had a great day with him and one of his wingmen, Daniel. They both told some hilarious stories of their adventures during basic. And, they laughed at some of the ones that Michael shared from his days at Lackland.

Still, it was sad to stand there to watch him for the last time as he marched away back to his dorm. We stood until we couldn't see him any longer. Just like a family will.

So, he's on his way as we are on ours. Melissa just arrived with her cases in hand. Time to go. We'll see you soon.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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