Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tiny Spaces Huge Charm

The Tiny House movement that is huge right now fascinates me! I suppose it is a push back against the trend of McMansions that swept the nation in the 90s. And for Millennials, who aren't big on possessions preferring experiences instead, a tiny house is a way to live mortgage free so money can be used for other things.

I have always preferred small spaces.  Creatively designed.  That function well and don't rely on square footage in order to work.

I prefer apartments to houses with multiple floors.

I prefer charming to impressive while being impressively charming...

I like the idea of being able to stand in the center of my space and immediately see my world.

Looking out from my tiny corner of the world to what waits beyond a gate...

A wee outdoor space to recharge and renew...

If one is to live successfully in a tiny home, an outside living space is a must...

And inside, one must pair down stuff to the essentials making all that remains a treasure easily seen.

There's a story book quality to tiny homes....

But of all of them, this one....this one is the tiny home of my dreams!  Isn't it lovely?! Wouldn't you just love to visit with me here?

How about you?  Could you, would you live in a Tiny Home?  I suspect that if it looked like these, the answer is a huge YES!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Sheena said...

Yes I could as long as there's plenty of windows so I don't feel
Trapped and outdoor space is a must. Love all those you showed 🏡

Donna Hufman Warrington said...

I watch the show on tv often and I think to myself....awwww...I could live like that, less material things, less clutter, less "stuff".....now that I live in a larger home, I envy those who are in smaller ones.

Anonymous said...

I've been fascinated with this idea for some time now. I love the idea of less "stuff" and smaller space with less use of energy. I also like the idea of home that is mobile so that I may go where I may feel inclined to go. I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest. Especially the storage solutions.
T. W.

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