Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Hard One

I did say this.  A friend liked it and made a poster of it.  I said it because I work at this a lot.  It's a hard one for me.

I still have a tendency to attempt driving the car forward by using only the review mirror.  It can't be done. What is behind me is simply known to me, not what was best of my life.  Not the most amazing part of my life, certainly not always the happiest part of my life.  It's simply the part that is known to me.

I misdefine the quality of my life because I don't live in the present.  What's going on around me goes unappreciated.

Do I give up the joy of discovery and the happiness in the now by constantly looking at what is gone from my life?

Do I stop mySelf from making new relationships because I only have room for all of those people who are important to me but now gone?

Are the people I knew more fascinating than the people who are now here or may be coming along?

Do I define mySelf by what I have lost instead of by what I have gained?

I think, maybe too much, I do.Which is too bad because constantly looking back holds me stuck emotionally.  And mentally.

Looking at the now helps me to live, and hoping for what's to come can add the spark of hope that we all need.

Be diligent. The Human tendency to seek the known, the comfort of what was is so strong that we don't even realize when we're no longer living forward.  No longer looking forward.

Be diligent.  Focus Forward.  Nothing we have ever experienced is lost to us.  It's always a part of me, but only one part.  The other part is yet to come.

Namaste' Till Next Time,

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