Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Out of The Blue

Out of no conscious thought of mine, the blue Medicine Buddha has appeared and taken up a great deal of my mind.

Generally, I spend time with Green Tara and occasionally White Tara may visit.  Even though I am a Reiki Master Teacher, the Blue Buddha has never spoken to me before.  But, I suppose my chaotic mind, which is so different from how I generally operate, has attracted this Great Divine Healer.

I am humbled.

Like any new relationship, it takes time to develop.  I had to do some research on this beautiful being. It's fascinating to learn that this Master Healer doesn't simply work on the physical disabilities and diseases that trouble so many.  He also works on healing the spiritual and emotional bodies.

I was very sick through most of January.  Now I am feeling better physically but exceedingly tired. My energy has seeped out and seems lost.  I walk about doing my chores and tasks without enthusiasm.  My emotional and mental bodies are slow, like how one is upon first waking.  A slight disconnect, a fuzziness that keeps me from seeing the colors brightly or feeling my feelings sharply.  I hope the Divine Healer will help sweep away the dust that covers my third eye.

One quality of this Being of which I was not aware is that he works on removing fear, panic, and intractable thinking.  Medicine Buddha softens our thoughts and turns them toward what is true and compassionate.  The world sure can use this right now.

And, I feel that my recent treatment from others has so stunned me that I am like a beacon of need. True need. In this moment.  At this time.

The Medicine Buddha reminds me that just as a cart follows the horse, my body follows my thoughts so I must remember to think positively and realistically.  I must remember that I am neither horse nor cart, but both. I am both.

I can see the clear blue light that comes from him especially at night before I drift to sleep.  It is the beauty of a cobalt blue bottle sitting in a sunny window.  The fascinating deep blue light streams in, captivates, and brings peace.  A deep breath.  A sigh.  A moment of comfort.

The Medicine Buddha is the color of lapiz lazuli.  The miracle stone.  Interestingly, my thyroid has been on the fritz and my doctor and I are working to bring it back into its normal way of being. I think I will wear this stone for awhile.

There are no coincidences when it comes to The Divine.  The Creator of All That Is, knows me and loves me.  And, I have been reminded that what is needed is always provided.

"Dearest Healing Buddha, please show us the power which heals all beings, removes the ignorance and obscuration of all beings and empower us to perform the great work. Let the minds' timeless light be recognized inside of me."

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is Grateful

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