Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Open Letter To My Valentine

My Very Dear Valentine,
Will you be mine for another year?  You and I are so great together.  We Still got it...
We're still the perfect match.

You are that sweet heart who makes my world so much better.  Who makes my life so very complete. You are my friend, my family, my love.  You!  Valentine's Day is all about you!  A chance to remind you how very important you are to me.

So, let me remind you that you can count on me to...

...Share quality time with you because any time we are together is the best time of all.

...Warm you when the world seems cold and harsh.


...Walk the path with you.  Sometimes I will take the lead and other times you will lead me, but mostly we'll just stroll side by side.  When we are weary of our journey, we will give each other the encouragement to continue!

...Help open doors for you or remove obstacles standing in your way because you most certainly do that for me!

...Shed light on your situation whenever you ask because I need you to do that for me! We will share the sunshine of silliness, smiles, and laughter.

...Continue to enjoy simple pleasures while searching out the big ones.  Little things like a cup of coffee or tea and an impromptu chat.  You and me taking a brief time to just BE!

...Be always available to give you a kiss and a hug.  I'm so very good at hugs!

...Be that touch of whimsy that is still so necessary.

Because, I truly do find every part of you fascinating and lovable.  All facets of you are perfect in my eyes; I wouldn't change a thing about you.  But, if and when you wish to change I will support your efforts.

All of this I will be and do gladly because you hold my heart safely in your hands and I want to remind you that yours is always safely in mine.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Sweet Hearts!  Thanks for sharing everything you are with me.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Is So Lucky To Have So Many Sweet Hearts


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you from all of your sweethearts here at Rocky Creek Farm.


Linda said...

Happy Valentine's Day to a very special couple!


Sheena said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you from your Scottish pals ......
hugs 🤗 to you
Sheena xo

baili said...

absolutely marvelous!!!
truly enjoyed reading your lovely thoughts and beautiful pics that go amazingly with the subject!
happy love day dear!

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