Monday, November 30, 2009

It's A Jungle In Here Now

"Aunt Hol, I was wondering if you could paint a palm tree and some grass on Livy's nursery walls. I'd like to add some color in there and since we have the whole jungle theme, I thought it would be cute."

"Sure, I think I could do that for you! Let's do it the day after Thanksgiving while I'm down there. It shouldn't take me that long."

So, that's what I did for my Baby Girl and her Littlest Girl. When I looked the space over, I asked, "Do you really only want one palm tree? I'm thinking it would be more fun if there were more, but it's your call." Laura answered, "Well sure, I'd like them but I was afraid I'd be asking you to spend too much of your time if it was more."

One or several, it's about the same time I explained. So, she sat on the floor and chatted with me while Michael and Eric kept Livy occupied downstairs. Of course refusing to be left out, you can see Georgie, my assistant, in this picture. She was quite the good Boxer girl through the whole process.

This is the artist's publicity shot. I will autograph it for you if you wish! You can see my absolute delight in being a daily part of Livy's world. Even when I am not there, now I will be.

Monkeys and critters now have a place to rest instead of being mid-air without anything to catch them while they swing about.

And, now when Princess Olivia gets her bottom changed, she'll have more than just a blue monkey to capture her attention. Laura says that every morning after she's changed Livy, she stands up on the changing table and with deliberation, waves at the animals marching along the wall. How fun is that?

When it was complete, the client was invited in to examine the work and determine what she thinks of it. No sense buying it if you don't like it. She was quite a critical eye and looked very closely at it all.

She stopped to carefully ponder it before giving her vote of approval, "Hmm...let me consider it all first."

And, then, very suddenly, I got the biggest reward ever for some paint and a wee bit of time. I'll remember that smile forever, I think!

So, the day after Thanksgiving, three girls got together and made another great memory. My Baby Girl and my Littlest Girl were as pleased as they could be.

Here's the best surprise of all, and Michael was there to witness it so you can ask him if you don't believe me. I know that everyone thinks their baby is the most miraculous thing, the most talented, the most adorable, the brightest, the fill-in-the-blank. And, I often remark how fast babies seem to develop in our fast paced world.

But, Livy is only 10 months old. And, this is what she did when she came in the room to see the mural for the very first time. She sat in Eric's arms starring at the walls. She stopped for a bit and then, she clapped her tiny hands! Olivia clapped!

Can you imagine being so small yet so aware of your surroundings and so tickled with the changes?

Amazing I tell you! Simply Amazing.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Great Aunt Holly the Painter


beth said...

what an artist you are !
that room is, I would love to sleep in there !!!

Life With Dogs said...

I can't imagine it - I am so blissfully unaware of my surroundings. But what a wonderful gesture on your part!

Now let me ask you - will the autographed pic cost any more than the one I just swiped? :p

Meredith said...

That is the sweetest blog post! What a memory you made. Love your mural -- and the casualness of your "yes, let's do it up!" attitude to the project.

It seems so obvious to me that she would clap ;)

sema said...

The room looks fabulous.
I have not done a mural but i am sure you enjoyed painting it.your artistic talent is amazing!
Your post and photos show the happiness around you.
wishing you many more happy memories

Pyro said...

Oh, that blue monkey is so darling! These are the sorts of gifts that mean the most, but you know that. :)

JFKlaver said...

You are soooooo cool!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Miss Livy knows a true artist when she sees one! Clapping, Standing Ovation, Cheers from the Crowd! YEAH YOU!

What a fantastic and magical room for your Littlest Girl to grow up in. It's filled with a lifetime of memories. what a great gift.

And,by the way, you look fabulous darling!


clairedulalune said...

WOW. WOW. WOW. ANOTHER WOW. Holly, how amazing is that room?!? It is fantastic! I would have loved to watch you work! What a gift you have given Livy. One she will never forget! This post bought a huge smie to my face, and I thank you! ((hugs))

Alison said...

Oh wow! That room is just fabulous! You sure are talented. :-)

Eileen said...

Holly ... you were able to share just how this was a gift that was both given and received all at once! So lovely for each and every one of you! Simon's clapping just thrills me too! These little darlings are such a treasure!

melissa said...

Go, Livy, go! She has already learned to applaud the Queen. :) Smart Kid.

I love the jungle room!

cinner said...

Holly, its just beautiful. You all look so happy, you are looking awesome my dear friend. Glad you had such a marvelous time.

Big Pissy said...

What talent you have!!! The room looks fabulous!!! Love it! :)

Janet said...

so, so precious Holly! Livy sounds amazing!

gayle said...

Wow the room looks awesome. How exciting that the little one clapped when she saw her room!

jkc said...

Your multitude of talents continues to amaze me. The room looks terrific! What a perfect Thanksgiving you had!

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