Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happily Ever After Chapter 3

Today marks my third wedding anniversary. And, when I tell you that I can't believe how fast the time has jetted past, I'm not kidding. Three years; I suppose that means I'll sadly have to stop referring to myself as a newly wed. But I hope each anniversary that mounts up never means that Michael stops thinking of me as his Bride.

Part of the reason it's so hard for me to realize that three years has gone by, is because I have the odd sensation of never having been with Michael, and yet waking up and looking at him every day, I realize I still feel like it's a new relationship...a new love...a building bond...a best friend.

Laura, Moi, Melissa

Yesterday, I met Melissa and Zach at a very charming place to take a look to see if this should be the venue for her wedding next October. Michael had appointments so couldn't go with us. About ten minutes after we started our tour, a door opened behind us, and when we looked up, there stood My Lion! He made the effort to find the place and stop there between his scheduled appointments because he wants to be part of this for his daughter.

But, the most amazing thing happened for me. I was so delighted and surprised to see him coming toward us, that my heart started to beat fast, and I got butterflies like you do when you're in that first flush of love; the madness of the mating. Oh! To think that I can still feel that way when I see my Beloved...what a gift.

So, today is our anniversary. And I am blessed. We got married the day after Thanksgiving. I thought it seemed fitting because I am, indeed, very thankful. Michael's story is that he did it to keep me out of the stores on Black Friday and stop the credit cards from melting.

Oh, that man of mine...what a dear to always be looking out for me like that! Happy Anniversary, My Lion. You make my life complete.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka Mrs. Michael Frock


Sunny said...

Happy Anniversary and many more.
Sunny :)

Ribbon said...

Happy Anniversary to you both...
and wishing you a lifetime of them.

love Ribbon xoxo

PS... the photos are beautiful

Joanna Jenkins said...

What a gorgeous bride and groom!!!!!! And your "attendants" looks pretty great too!

Aren't those unexpected butterflies wonderful? I still get them after 16 years of marriage :-)

Congratulations and Happy 3rd Anniversary Holly and Michael. Wishing you many, many more.

And congrats to Melissa! Planning a wedding is very exciting.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for your friendship.


Alison said...

Oh, that's soooo beautiful! Happy anniversary to you both and lots of love. :-)

Alix said...

Michael's story is that he did it to keep me out of the stores on Black Friday and stop the credit cards from melting. That sounds suspiciously like a Larryism.

Congratulations to you and Michael on your third anniversary. And those butterflies you mention? I get them too after a dozen years of wedded bliss, so chances are they don't go away when the union is a good one.

Bless you Holly. Bless you both. And many many more wonderful healthy happy years together!

Genie Sea said...

Happy Anniversary Dear One! May you have eons of love and warmth and butterflies together. Le sigh. How absolutely, magically romantic. You have made a believer out of me :)

sema said...

Hi Holly,
Happy Anniversary to you both.
You are looking gorgeous and both of you make a great pair.
Wishing both of you a lifetime of happiness and abundance

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your Lion.

Your photos are fantastic - adore the head piece.

And I still consider myself a newlywed after 28 years.


Eileen said...

Holly and Michael ... wishing you both a very Happy Anniversary! And now, also a wonderful Thanksgiving in this "Year Three"!

Anonymous said...

Argh how fabulous - Happy Anniversary to you both, I hope that you have a fabulous day :))

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Happy anniversary! Love the happiness that sparkles from th efamily pictures. *luv*

Had to laugh at Michael´s story. :D

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love the beautiful warm browns and golds in your wedding colours and the fall flowers/foliage you used. Gorgeous! Happy Anniversary, kids!

beth said...

happy anniversary....you two love birds !

I hope your love continues to grow and that above that, that you always really like each other, too.

Diva Kreszl said...

what a wonderful tribute to your beloved 'Groom'...I am sure the man you described will forever see you as his 'Bride'. You are both blessed indeed!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

The Fragrant Muse said...

Oh what a romantic post! I love how you are in love with your Michael! I can tell you that after 10 years with my James, my heart still leaps when I see him, especially when its unexpected. And I'm sure it will be that way for you too after 10, 20 or even 30 years. Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Wonderful! Happy, happy anniversary.

And Happy Thanksgiving too.

Kyddryn said...

Felicitations to you both, Mizz Holly!

Having only recently discovered the butterflies, I can certainly empathize with your delight at their presence...may they always find occasion to flutter!!

Shade and Sweetwater,

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary! You two look so in love. I love getting those butterflies... I still do sometimes. :)

Love to both of you! xoxo

clairedulalune said...

What a wonderful gift to still get those butterflies, I love them! Happy anniversary to you both, have a wonderful day!

Matty said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and your happiness.

cinner said...

Holly and Michael, Happy Anniversary, I don't know why I thought it was longer. May your love continue to grow year after year. Hugs

JFKlaver said...

You look like Royalty in these photos; so regal, so blissful, so "in the know." Congratulations.

jkc said...

It truly does not seem like three years in some ways and in others it seems much longer...because we met you before you were married...and it seems as if we have known each other for years. May you and Michael have many more happy years together. We did not know Melissa was getting married...how exciting!

spottedwolf said...

Love the color....happy anniversary Holly !!!!!!!!!!!!

cinner said...

Holly I forgot to tell you that I left something on my blog for you the other day. Stop by when you can.Happy holidays.

Karen D said...

Happy Anniversary, you two make a lovely couple. I love the hair wreath you have one. May you always know the gift of love with each other.

Dreamwriter said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope your day was wonderful! My son's birthday is on this day, too! And you and my dad share the same birthday!!!

Suzie said...

Belated, but heartfelt congratulations on your Anniversary, Holly! It is truly magical that you found someone who can still take your breath away, give you butterflies in your tummy, and make your toes curl.But in getting to know you, I'm not surprised that you found your Mr. Right. You deserve the happiness and goodness that is bestowed upon you. I'm sure that Michael thinks that he is the one that has been given the gift.

Your wedding photos are lovely, and are a mirror of your very special day! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Wishing you many, MANY more years of bliss!


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