Friday, October 2, 2009

The Sites You See...

We're driving down the road when I squeal, "Oh my goodness, Michael, look at those cows!!!"

"Yeah those are Oreo cows! Haven't you ever seen them before?" And, by now I'm laughing,

"NO! I didn't have any idea such a cool cow was even in this world with me! Oh, I love them!"

Yep. Oreo cows. Truly called Belted Galloways. But, who wouldn't prefer to think of them as the cow that resembles a walking, mooing, cookie?

And, who wouldn't want to eat this Oreo up to pieces? Tell me that's not the cutest way to start a weekend ever?! Moo!

Go ahead, have some Oreos and milk this weekend! I insist.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
All images courtesy of the Internet because we were driving too fast!


Sunny said...

I love Oreo Cows, and I recently did a post on them. They are also known as Police Car Cows.
Your pictures are wonderful, the little calf is so darn cute.
Have a great weekend.
Sunny :)

Alix said...

Oreo Cows!!! Yay!

I've never seen or heard of them before. And that calf? Fagheddaboudit! Cutest thing on earth.

Thanks for sharing! I really needed that smile you just gave me.

miss*R said...

they are cute. One of my friends here, breeds miniature Galloways and they are gorgeous. there is something about cows.. cannot put my finger on it. love them!

The Peach Tart said...

I love it. Oreo cows.

Eileen said...

Wow ... an oreo and the milk comes with them! Thanks for teaching me something new again today!

WrightStuff said...

Oreo cows! That's nothing. yesterday I saw a man enjoying a pint of beer outside a pub with his pet owl sitting beside him!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I've never seen Oreo cows -- how adorable!

Anna said...

This is a first for me! They are adorable and yes I will have Oreos, thank you! Enjoy your weekend :-)

Sarah said...

LOL Holly!!! Sowickd cute aren't they!! I love them too. Which is why when we were offered oreo bunnies - I took em!! Soooo cute!! Wonderful post hon!! Love, Sarah

Judi said...

You're so funny! I grew up around cows ... makes it hard to think of them as super special. Don't get me wrong - I love cows too - they are somehow serene and homey.

I like the soft brownness of a jersey cow

anne h said...

Do you did them in milk?
That's just *wrong*
But I like it!

spottedwolf said...

Cow cookies ?? sounds like something in a field....hahahahahahahahahaha.

Love the dawgs jacket Holly....tell Mike hello for me.

Joanna Jenkins said...

At first I thought it was a joke! Cows and I go way back to my Ohio days. I have NEVER seen an Oreo cow before. What a hoot! I'm showing this to godson when he gets home from school.
Have a fab weekend!

Karen D said...

They ARE adorable! I don't think i ever seen one of those.

Big Pissy said...

I'd never heard of Oreo Cows before!

That is just so cool. Thanks for sharing! :)

joyce said...

I've never seen or heard of them. And I really like the effect you used on the first picture, like a painting. I've got about 7 Oreos left in the cookie tin, and I will not touch them..I will not touch them..I will not touch them. (I already ate almost a whole bag of the vanilla oreaos...they are sooooooo good!) Hey, do they make macadamia white chocolate cows?

Toni said...

HA! My Grandpa had about 15 belted Gallos one February or March when I was visiting the farm -- those little ones can do some Oreo squirts, too --- stand to one side!!! he used to tell me. Woot! I'd forgotten about that.

Anonymous said...

Oreo it!

Flower1 said...

Loved your Oreos!

Ribbon said...

that's a little weird!

I wonder if they have been bred to look like that for any special reason?

thanks for sharing... love to see something that has never entered my head before :)

love ya... Ribbon :)

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