Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Fox In The White House

News Flash: I don't give a fuzzy rat's ass where you go for your information.

Could not care less what might be your favorite haunt for news and updates. Who your favorite anchor person is, what personality traits you look for when you turn to them for news.

Like you, I have my opinions on where I go to hear and see what's being 'told' is what's going on in the world around me. But, I'm not going to tell you which are my preferences because they don't matter here. Neither do yours. It's not about that stuff at the moment. Our opinions and preferences could be best debated over drinks one night so call me if you want to get together.

This is not about whether you adore or despise the current Administration, The President, his staff, their politics. I don't give a damn about that. DO not!

No, let's get on target here; I insist that you pay attention to what is critically important here...and it's not what we think and our opinions.

We're headed down a VERY slippery slope at the moment, and as a paid professional communicator, I'm bringing it to your attention. I have always seen it as part of my job, this attempting to make certain that you have a thought and I have a care about things. That you understand what the issue is really and not what you might think it to be, or being deceived by a smoke screen to see....

So what is at issue here, what I want you to consider is that, as a citizen of a free society you have the right to expect that all voices, views and takes on a story are open for your consideration. Available for your review. Easily accessible for you to take up. Or NOT. But, that's for YOU to decide for yourself. Not the government; NEVER the government!

A free society must have a free media. MUST HAVE! And, it's dependent on us as free citizens to defend the right to free speech and an open media!

Let's get something straight because I believe you're getting confused-- you don't have to like, or respect, or care to watch all news outlets, all broadcast mediums. As a matter of fact, that's what I'm talking about; what a beautiful country we live in where you can say, "I absolutely HATE, (fill in the blank) news! Wouldn't watch them if someone held a gun to my head. I will only trust, (fill in the blank) to get solid information."

But, in this day and age, you better figure out soon and fill in that blank for yourself. Begin tuning in to it regularly. Because the world is changing on a dime these days and you need to know what's going on. Further more, you need to have the courage to spend some time with the one(s) you think you hate to get a different slant on the issues. Do it to question what is being reported to you. It's the only way to know where you stand on important things.

You must have the courage to look at important things from both sides of the aisle. MUST! Do not be afraid of the static in the world around you. Do not ignore it. But, neither should you allow fear to run your world. Just get facts and proceed accordingly. Stay informed at some level.

When you hear rumblings of our White House, which is the epicenter of the world's beacon of a free nation trying to do things to shut out a broadcast channel from important meetings? Are you freaking kidding me?!!!!?!!! You better set your hair on fire and start screaming! If you allow the government to control which media has access to information so that ultimately your access is limited, then we better kiss our asses good bye.

If it hadn't been for the ethical behavior of the other News outlets who pushed back and said, "No! If Fox News isn't here, we won't cover it either," they may have pulled off that crap. May have gotten away with it! SHAME on them for even trying it! And bravo to the Media for standing up. Even if they only did it because they know that, if they sat by and allowed it to happen to Fox, eventually it could happen to them.

Whatever the motivation, altruistic or self-preservation, I don't care! I'm just glad they did the right thing. So now it's your turn! You need to do the right thing as well. Talk to your friends about this latest little stunt...

Ask any person who lives in a country where the government controls the media how that's working for them. They'll all answer the same, "It doesn't!" So you better do your part to make certain that your government officials know how you feel about their attempts to control it recently.

You absolutely can hate Fox News if that's your feeling. Tell anyone who will listen because that's your right. In this country you have choices. So you better make sure you understand the problem of this bunch in the White House acting like mafia members or petulant high schoolers trying to keep out those they don't like from their social club.

The White House, President Obama and his staff, DO NOT have the right to set or control the scope of news coverage for the American public. DO NOT. Free media makes for a free society. You play a role in must talk to others about this recent event of trying to shut out a news source. And, if you're not mad about this, you damn well should be!

You better hope you never have a fox in your hen house. But, as a citizen who enjoys the privileges of a free society, you better make absolutely certain that along with every other news source, there is a Fox in the White House.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka A Professional Communicator


Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but I totally did not know this happened. how can you shut out a particular news station? Whoa! That is very unnerving to me, so I TOTALLY agree with you!

Suzie said...

Very well put, Holly! It is the old, "I may not agree with what you say, but I defend your right to say it."

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, you are fired up today Holly! I'm glad I snuck and read your blog while I'm on vacation. I haven't had the tv on all week and I didn't know about this.

As much as I hate all things Fox News, you are absolutely, 100%, right on target with this.

You go girl! I've right behind you!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

I'm right up on that soap box with you!! We MUST be informed!!


Matty said...

Wow. You hit the nail right on the head.

If Americans don't WISE UP and STAND UP, including the ones who voted for him, one day everyone, including the ones who voted for him, will WAKE UP without their freedom.

Obama and his thugs are slowly trying to dismantle the U.S. Constitution, and change our way of life, and they are doing it right in front of our noses. The problem is, he is such a charismatic figure with wonderful public speaking skills that no one realizes it.

I hope "they" open their eyes before it's too late.

Mark Pemburn said...

Okay, Hol, you got me. I will admit to detestable complacency and smugness when I heard that the White House was going to snub Fox. They deserve it! says I. But as much as I may believe that they're the lowest order of yellow journalists pretending to offer an alternative to the "liberal media", they are still part of the critically important Fourth Estate that keeps the government in check from without. It's up to US to call them out, not the Prez and his crew.

(Whoa is us, poor liberals, for our weakling desire to play fair!)

LionKing said...

I think something to remember in evaluating Fox News is that there is a difference between their news programs and their opinion programs - Beck, O'Reilly, Hannity - opinion guys. Do they voice their opinion forcefully and loudly? Sure they do. But no more so than Matthews and Olberman. The Fox opinion guys make it clear that they are not journalists. The other guys claim to be but ignore real stories. I'm sick and tired of both sides complaining about the level of discourse. Why would the white house attempt to close out only one network? Stifling dissent and intimidation of opposition is pure Alinsky. The pres told us to judge him by whom he aligns himself with...if we honestly do that, he's got big problems...and if we fail to do that, WE'VE got even bigger ones. Had my say.

Janet said...

Holly for President! Holly for President! Holly for President!

Alix said...

Afuckingmen, sistah. Preach it!

And I would so be setting my hair on fire, if I had any.

Love you. And thank you.

Pseudonymous High School Teacher said...

I came from Joanna's roast....

I agree with you 100% that all voices need to have their say, and I am a huge hater of Murdoch and Fox news. When I watch it, I call it, "finding out what the enemy is thinking."

spottedwolf said...

This is excellent Holly and I raucously applaud you for posting this. There are many people out there in la-la land who absolutely fear/hate the news and as a result set the stage for big business/government to 'bulldoze' its way past our rights as human beings. WONDERFUL POST !!!!

spottedwolf said...

I have to add this.......there is more opinion out there than there is fact and opinion is generally a nation's downfall for it leads to delusion. The US has played leader of the "free" world hard and heavy in the last 100 years while seeking through subversion and coersion to maintain its elitist status....among the industrialist nations.....and therein lies the delusion. OLD MOTHER is a finite reality which neither can nor is meant to support extensive human populations....which are the result of industrialism. The way its been to many of us growing up in western idealism....for the last 4-5 generations....cannot and will not continue. The proof is in the 'offing' so to speak or as Jimi sang it...."castles made of sand fall into the sea...eventually".

smith kaich jones said...

Yes indeedy!! Yes! And it ain't just about Fox, as you said. It's about scaring everyone else into shutting up. Silencio! This President and this admininstration are downright scary and oh-so-willing to yank our rights away from us, and I am appalled at the people who think this is okay. What has happened to the backbone of Americans? What has happened to our attitude of questioning authority? Deplorable. We must stand against this administration's less than democratic actions - we must find the courage our founding fathers & mothers had. It is not politically correct, especially among the art world where we should be questioning, but we must find that courage. People have died for our rights - it is cowardly and inxcusable if we stand by and say nothing as they are taken away.

Fabulous, BRAVE post!


Nina P. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nina P. said...

My fingers tried to type as fast as my mind was racing... so lets try again...

So true, if we start filtering and controlling the media, we are no longer a free society. We need not agree with each other but we do need to stand up for our human rights to speak and listen as we choose. Equal Rights for all means ALL, even fox News. Someday we'll all get that through our heads and stop trying to exclude, control or limit the freedoms of human kind. Thanks for your voice in a crowd. We need people like you to keep us balanced and informed. Blessings. Love and Light, Nina P

Ribbon said...

Well said Holly..

x Ribbon

Karen D said...

Great Post Holly and so true. I try my best to listen to all sides before I make up my mind about things, and I am happy for that right. Thanks!

Eileen said...

Oh boy, I'm really late to this thread, but I agree with you on this one Holly! and I would just add an echo to Mark P.'s comments.

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