Thursday, October 1, 2009

Are You Open?

Bishop Desmond Tutu

I was just talking about the need to be consciously grateful for all I have before I go wishing for more to come into my life. I think this specific act of being aware and thankful for what is must be like the action of priming a pump to supply water.

Many of us don't know what that means in literal terms so let me explain- Back in the day, (and NO, I'm not old enough to know first hand,) a small amount of water pumped from the day before was saved to pour over the mechanism each morning in order to prime it, get it ready to pump the desired water. It's like completing the circle: you give the pump a little help to get started, the pump provides what you need in return.

I think that's the case in life as well. It is a very big circle and we all have a place to stand in it. This means, none of us has to be left out and there's always more than enough for all of us. Just keep passing it along and it will, it has to, circle back to you. The problem is our sense of time...sometimes it can take long to manifest your heart's desire. But, what if someone would guarantee that you will absolutely, without question, get what you wish? Even if they couldn't promise when...even if they couldn't promise that your wish would come in the form you imagined, would you be happy or turn it away? My guess is, most of us would be happy.

I'm beginning to understand that it's not a lack of blessings or abundance available, it's really more about our inability to believe that we can have what we need, want, desire. WE don't believe we can, on some secret level we may not even be aware of, we don't believe we are worthy of such grandeur in action. Even guaranteed, we don't really believe.

When we don't believe, then we are not open to receive. It's not as if the answer to our wishes isn't knocking like crazy at the door to our life. It's more a case of our unwillingness to open the door and welcome them.

We stand, fingers to our lips, hand shaking over the door knob, hearing the knock, heart hammering in our chest, and just can't bring ourselves to turn the knob, throw the door open and say, "Oh, I am so glad you've arrived! Come right in!!!"

So I want to share a quote to help us remember how worthy and right we are to expect what we hope, to trust in a time line we can't predict. But we have to know that we are open for receiving!

Is your spiritual pump primed and ready to produce? If not, what's standing in the way? I hope this quote gives you a sense of a guarantee, and something to think about as you go through your day looking hopefully for what answered wishes it will bring.

"Many of us can acknowledge that God cares about the world but can't imagine that God would care about you or me individually. But, our God marvelously, miraculously cares about each and every one of us."
~ Desmond Tutu

You have to go now; I hear someone knocking on your door. Go open it and say hello for me when you do. I wish you joy in your day!

Namaste' Till Next Time,


Kathleen Krucoff said...

So insightful, so right! My teacher/friend/mentor Lexi told me the other day, "When you are ready, your teacher will appear". In my case, that was her last May. I hope everyone is open to this and believes....what you receive is return is unmeasurable and wonderful.

Eileen said...

Holly ... a wonderful message and I shall dwell on the words and insights all day. Sending a hug your way ... special delivery, so reach out and grab it!

Life With Dogs said...

Asking me if my pump is primed is a dangerous exercise. Thank heavens you threw spiritual in there.

And thank heavens for your writing, which seems to get better with time. You really do inspire those who are fortunate enough to find you. Even rotten apples like me!

Alix said...

Holly, you are so right. And that must be why you are Queen of the Universe. It's starting to make sense to me now.

I love your water pump metaphor. Such imagery in your words and as always... such a pleasure to spend time with you.

{LOVED your can of whoop ass comment at Casa Hice. Remind me to tell you the story behind my post today.}

beth said...

thanks for that quote...I needed it today and will keep it close for a very long time....

Karen D said...

thanks for the beautiful post and a reminder to "open the door" right now I am nudging it open and peeking through.

SCJ Jewelry Design said...

Just what I needed to read today. I have a friend whose going through a family crisis - she needs this message today, too. I will pass it along to her.
Thanks for your inspiration!

Alison said...

You are amazing. You write so well and constantly come up with really inspiring stuff. Thank you!

Peaches said...

Thanks for your words, Hooly...and I am old enough to have primed a few pumps in my youth.

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