Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Delights

I'm sure that it's different for all of us, but somehow as I read the blogs of so many proclaiming the excitement of this season, surely Autumn must be the top choice!

I've always thought that the New Year should come in September. That's when school starts and the fresh notebooks, new pencils that haven't been chewed, pens that still have volumes to write, clothes that snuggle....all those things say NEW!

It wasn't till later when I began to explore alternative spiritual practices that I learned how close I was to correct. For, the fall really does speak to many as the start of the new year. It welcomes us in with hopes and dreams and expectation of things rich and fulfilled. Welcomes us to deepen friendship and kinship...welcomes us like the wreath on a front door.

The colors of jewels are around so very much to see and take in, and the harbingers of things to come begin to say, "Pay attention, I am trying to have you prepared and ready for what's to come!" Do you see him? Our weather forecaster? Do you see him on the wall?

My first Woolly Bear of the season is on my front wall catching some warmth and rays. The width of his stripes seem to echo what the Farmer's Almanac has predicted; Western PA could be into a seriously snowy and cold winter.

But for today, in the breezy sunlight, the Woolly and I will just sit and be with each other.

Somehow, for me, the magick of this season is that it's so much easier to find the beauty in the mundane. The color in the dull. The glory in the utilitarian. And, I want to remember it when the world is gray and dark and seems dismal. To give me hope and fill my spirit like that snap of brisk air fills my lungs and makes me smile.

And, I want my home to be welcoming and ready for this season...but also to look forward to what's to come. To be a haven for those I love to come and go from...and know that there is always one place in the world that is called, "Home." Every one of us must have a place that we can call home. To give us the courage to go out and find what waits for us. To give us the place to feel grounded, special, loved and adored.

Where the glory of colors can be seen. And felt. Even in small ways.

And fun and silly moments are blended with the love and safety. Where we all can participate in the festivities.

Where tears wash our eyes clear at times, so that we can remember that tears and smiles all combine to give us a depth of heart that we hope to acquire.

Yes, Autumn is here. It will not be long with us. So enjoy every single moment. For soon, winter will be upon us...and we will be challenged to find the joys that await in that stark season.

And, because love is burbling in me today, I've decided to extend my anniversary drawing for one more day, so you and your friends who may have missed this can take part in the fun. I am giving away this adorable artwork of Sarah Sullivan's. I had it commissioned to celebrate my first blogging anniversary. And, it comes with a $25 gift certificate to Amazon. So hurry, for my drawing will be over soon, just like the Autumn that fills so many of us with joy!

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She Who Loves Autumn


Mel said...

Some lovely visions of the season and your thoughts, as always, are Divine...

...I agree, autumn feels more like a time for new beginnings than start of January...


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I LOVE woolly bear caterpillars! It's a special blessing to have one cross your path.

Sara said...

Beautiful photos. I too, have always thought of September as a beginning. xx

JFKlaver said...

I was born September 21. Autumn has always been the beginning of a new year for me. Love your photos.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

Dear Holly, you can always say just what's on my mind - and you do it so eloquently.


Sarah said...

Beautiful words and photos hon!! Just love the Fall!! Whoo hoo you have wooly bears??? I'm sad..none here - I love them!! We used to have them in NC...but not here.
It is so much fun to see my art here - I love that..thank you Holly for allowing me to help you celebrate!! Love, Sarah

Alix said...

Hi Holly!

Beautiful post as always darlin'.

Please swing by Casa Hice when you have time and pick up your Honest Scrap Award.


Eileen said...

Such a lovely post ... the words and the images. How did I forget to jump in for your anniversary giveaway? Add me in to the fun!

beth said...

I think because we look for it harder, it ends up delighting us even more....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Once again Holly, I was charmed with your photos and writing. From the Woolly Bear to the blue jack-o-lantern, I loved every photo and wished I was back east again for fall.

You are sweet to extend your giveaway of the BEAUTIFUL print :-) Thanks.

Happy fall :-)


Jules said...

Love the wooly bear (and Farmer's Almanac) Please include me in the drawing.

Genie Sea said...

What never ceases to fill me with joy is your blog. When I am away from the blogging world, I miss my ray of Holly very much! :)

Life With Dogs said...

This is my favorite part of the year by a large margin. You summed it up perfectly. If only it could last longer!

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. Love the rich colors, how everything is changing, and the crispness in the air. Another great post Holly! Thanks.

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