Saturday, October 17, 2009

House Crack

It can't just be me...I mean, if it was just me, they couldn't be as successful. Could they? I think not because I couldn't afford to keep the company afloat at such lofty heights. Although, I'd give it my best effort.

Nope, it has to be the combined effort of all of us, or at least a large majority of us....those of us who just have to stop and sit and pour over the pages when it comes in the's like crack...that cheap drug that sucks you in and keeps you hooked constantly searching for more, more, more.

Yay!!! My Pottery Barn catalogue was delivered yesterday. Bliss.

How do they do it? I wish I had that ability. I'm a good marketer, but honestly, these people are wizards! How do they make you wish you could melt into the pages and come out the other side into every room? Wanting every small detail?

I don't even stop what I'm doing when an edition of a magazine I've paid for arrives. But, when this catalogue comes, it's time to quit everything and sit reverently. Opening the cover and...

...imagining myself in every page.

Being thrilled with every detail in each space...happy when you see it and teasing a smile from you when you look up. Or down. Or side to side.

How do they do it? Those Pottery Barn fairies?

How do they make you want to dash like mad to your most disorganized space and begin the Herculean effort to make it look like this wonderful work space? And hope that you hit the lottery so you could convert some un-loved nook in your home into something as grand as this? Tell me, couldn't you be the most creative person ever if you could work at this station?!

Wouldn't every day feel relaxing and peaceful if you could put your feet up in a space that felt and looked like this? If you say, "No,"? Truly, I'll still love you like crazy but I will wonder about you!

Taking the time to make certain that even the smallest detail seems lyrical and suited to the space. Following the Scottish father of The Arts & Crafts movement, William Morris' sage advice, "Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful."

To be so blessed to start...

...and end each day in an environment that brings calm and comfort. When you open your eyes on the day's possibility, how could it not seem a gift if you had this space to rest in?

Making even the most simple of objects come together and morph into an artful moment.

When the Pottery Barn catalogue is opened, my eyes go soft and distant as my brain races to imagine and grow.

And, I realize that it's the magic of hoping that creates the desired spaces of our homes. Even if we do not have the finances to afford the luxuries Pottery Barn offers, there is no reason to abandon our hopes for our own homes. So long as you follow Mr. Morris' wisdom, your home will evoke all those feelings. It will welcome, nurture and envelop you and those who enter it.

What does your home say about you? Do you love the space you occupy? Does it reflect your truth? Does your house bring you Home? If not, do you stop to wonder why and what it would take to make it so? Pottery Barn might help, but you are the ingredient that makes it real.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka A Home Maker


Sarah said...

Oh oh oh your killing me hon.....the kids stuff and organizing things..just beg me to buy them..good I don't have enough funds..LOL!! Love the candle..OMG I so want that!!! Come fly by my Halloween party today hon!
Love, Sarah

Anonymous said...

That office just made my heart leap from my chest! One day! :)

Barbara said...

I'm so with you on the Pottery Barn. I could just wander in their store for hours, fantasizing.... But my husband's always with me saying "Uh, I'll just wait out there for you..." Huhhhnnh. How come men don't share this nesting thing??

I want that candle. (thinking small) Maybe I can make it. :p)) Hugs, honey.

Janet said...

oh my goodness! i do almost the exact same thing. sometimes i even slip it into my tote that goes to work with me so i can sneak a peek every now and then. i've told a couple of my friends who ask me for decorating advice (no, i'm not really that good) to just check out a pottery barn catalog because their rooms are all to die for. i keep them for just such inspiration. would you believe i have one back to 2003? it's the holiday issue. i do have some pottery barn things - several pieces of the daily system, a couple of barstools, some bathroom fixtures - would love to have MORE!!

Debbie said...

My home says I have no sense of style and don't like to clean. Well, at least my home is honest!

lakeviewer said...

I came in from Tessa's to sink into the lovely space/courtesy of Pottery Barn/ you displayed for our first meeting.

I loved the words you used at Tessa's.

Elizabeth said...

Well, magazines/catalogues make me drool and sometimes feel a bit sad that my humble abode is so very humble.
I think we have rather similar taste.
Came to you via dear Tessa who is a true star!

Eileen said...

Holly, we got a new bigger PB at the Towsontown Ctr Mall and we just drool walking around aimlessly. If I'm not mistaken, I think Beth has that chandelier over her kitchen table. It was pictured in a recent post, but I've had trouble getting her site to load lately and I couldn't go back to verify. Dreamy!

Eileen said...

OK, just got to Beth's and well, it's a little hard to tell, maybe not exactly it, but very, very close. No surprise, we all know she has excellent taste. Sorry, now back to your catalog.

beth said...

I have walked into our pottery barn store just to sit on a sofa or two and suck in the air there with hopes of "them" rubbing off on me :)

I'm lucky enough to own some pottery barn furniture and let me just say...IT'S THE BEST !

my house says a little about me...but our cottage makes a statement....

I think only a home that keeps a bit of your heart each time you leave is the only kind of home that speaks......

Karen D said...

good to see I am not alone in this ;-)

Mel said...

Feeling all left-out and Canadian here...

We don't have Pottery Barn...*GASP*...and I'm glad, because if we did I might have a hard time functioning after the arrival of that catalogue...

Oh, and DEFINITELY the white sofa is OUT..does it come in a colour that hides cookie crumbs and dog hair?

My house waiting on a permit and you just know how long those things take....*grin*


teachable said...

I used to have a home that looked like that...a showplace; brand spankin' newly built with everything in it's place and everything beautiful. "Everything looks good here." Problem was that everything was not good. I made the painful decision to leave that all behind.

There are times when I wish I still had all those things; well, almost all. The material things were nice and somedays I miss that, but...the dysfunction, the abuse, the drinking; don't miss that.

My home today does not reflect who I am or how I want to live. I am married to a compulsive hoarder and feel like I am between a rock and a hard place.

When a person takes a wedding vow they say, "for better, or worse...", so now, what do I do?

Mostly, I just wish...Except those rare days when I decide to just take charge and try to change things, to try to make someone behave the way I think they should. Take the bull by the horns and try to throw away someone else's 'stuff'; to try to force someone to do what they cannot.

So, today I wish. I look at pretty pictures, see how others live and hope...maybe someday...

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