Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Besom & Pointy Hat

Yesterday during Wishcasting Wednesday, upon reading my wish, a reader suggested that I might post a picture of me in my pointy hat. Click on it so it grows large and gives you the full effect!

So, it's not really their wish, but I thought I'd let fly with a snap of me and my hat from last Samhain. Hope you enjoy it. And yes, I did all those pumpkins.

I'm not sure what's going on with me lately but my thoughts are darting about like bats in a cave disturbed by light....and I can't concentrate on anything long enough to get it down for your consideration. I know I've been absent from posting comments on your blogs, but trust me, I've been there seeing what you're up to...perhaps I've become a specter now instead of a witch? Hmm...

So for now, enjoy this and I'll be back with more cogent thoughts shortly.

Namaste' Till Next Time,
Holly aka She of The Pointy Hat Society


Joanna Jenkins said...

You are one Awesome Witch! I LOVE this picture and it immediately put me in the Halloween spirit. Thanks Holly.

Your pumpkin carving talents are VERY impressive too! I bet you're the most popular trick or treat house on the block!

I hear you about the lack of concentration-- Maybe it's the half moon :-) Regardless, you've been on my mind and I hope all's well.

Thanks for the great post. It made my day.

Chester said...

Impressive carvin's there Ms. H.
I think the FB scandal has Mom's thoughts goin' helter skelter also.
Maybe that punkin' patch fall will juggle them back where they should be too.

Big Brown Hugs!
Chester ;0=)

Sr. Ann Marie said...

Holly, you must have the most amazing home!

Sarah said...

Ah yes a very good witch you are!! Lovely..I have to dust off my black hat and Let Fly with the pumpkin carving tomorrow!! Whoo hoo!! Wonderful picture hon!! Love it!!
I did the award block on it's free and easy!
Love, Sarah

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Love the spider web on the lamp post! A beautiful Samhain home!

Alix said...

Positively enchanting, you are. I'd broom ride any night of the week with you. That is... if you still like me? Oh hell, I'll broom ride with you even if you don't.

So there!

Karen D said...

Thanks for posting, I was hoping you would... love the hat and the pumpkins are amazing.. see you Wednesdays at Jamie's!

Janet O'Connor said...

What a treat to visit your blog! Thank you for your kind comments on Wishcasting Wednesday. Your All Hallows Eve decorations are quite amazing.

Suzie said...

Holly, you are a most fetching Witch! I love the atmosphere you created! SO welcoming!

We all have to veg out from time to time, and what a beautiful time of year to just coast a bit. Relax and enjoy it. You'll get your mojo back when the time is right!

Hugs & a Happy Halloween!

Matty said...

I love the ambience of this picture. Post and comment when you can. We're all been down that same road.

Ribbon said...

Big love to you Holly...

Your home looks wonderful.

Enjoy all that Halloween has to offer... I'm sure you are :)

x Ribbon

Alison said...

I love your house and I love the pumpkins! We don't really do that here - most impressive!

peppylady (Dora) said...

Holy cow that is a lot of Jack o lanterns.
No bad spirits should be coming to your place.
I only did one this year and gave some of our pumpkins to our Grand Niece and Nephew for Halloween.

Coffee is on.

joyce said...

Your picture has just the right atmosphere for Halloween. (I borrowed it as a desktop picture, just for a couple days...hope that's okay) I like the pumpkin in front with the round mouth best. The best part of carving all those pumpkins for me would be the toasted salted pumpkin seeds...mmmmmmm!

sema said...

Hi holly,
Halloween is new to me and I am enjoying reading about it at various blogs.You look great as a witch and the effect at your home is amazing.
happy celabrations

Kathleen Krucoff said...

Hey Holly!

I bet all the trick or treaters really enjoy coming to your house. I know I would.

Great pumpkins...things really look awesome.

I've had that random thought/idea thing going on in my head from time to time too....sometimes I start on the one thing that calls to me most and then the others sort of settle into place.

Happy Halloween!

Dreamwriter said...

Awesome picture! Totally cool and beautiful home!

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